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A virtual Holiday Bible Club organised by FPC Kids runs this week on Facebook and YouTube. The videos will go out every morning at 10am until Friday 24th July. Please join us in prayer for all the children who join the Bible Club, that they will enjoy all the singing, crafts, memory verses, quizzes and stories; but most of all that many will hear and understand the gospel, and put their trust in Jesus Christ.

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We had commenced our deputation meetings around our church congregations in Northern Ireland at the beginning of January but were not able to continue after 17th March because of the situation with the Covid 19 pandemic. We had planned to return to Kenya around the 20th May but all our plans were changed with the developing Covid 19 situation.

Please remember in prayer the plight of the Kenyan brethren and sisters at this time that the Lord will keep them safe and meet their basic needs. Our Mission Board have been able to provide some needy families in the congregations with a quantity of maize which has been much appreciated.

We thank the Lord for modern technology that enables online meeting to take place; pray for the blessing of the Lord upon every effort in the Gospel at this time.

Pray that God’s people will be faithful, maintain a good testimony and that the church will grow stronger in these days

Pray for the salvation of many as the radio broadcasts continue and as people do access the gospel on social media.

On the home front, we continue to appreciate prayer for our two sons and daughter-in-law as they are all involved in the National Health Service. Also remember our elderly parents, Malcolm's mum is in a Care Facility with no visits allowed at this time. His dad is at home being cared for by Malcolm's brother and Alison's mum who was staying with us but now has returned to her own home.

I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.” Psalm 91:2
We appreciate your prayer support as we continue to work here at the Church and School compound in Uganda. We would leave the following requests before you at this time :-

1. For Hannah, as many of you will now have heard is pregnant. I would appreciate prayer for her - that we can get any medical help that we need at this time, that we can get home on furlough as planned to have the baby at home where medical help is significantly better and that Hannah and the baby stay healthy given a limited diet etc.

2. For the work, I have been busy as usual in many ways practically, but it would be our prayer and desire to see the children and staff back at school and the greater community to have the opportunity to attend church services. We very much miss the interaction with people and have a deep burden that we can’t reach them with the gospel at this time when our opportunities to preach, teach or speak to them are severely limited.

3. For our leaders – that the Lord will give wisdom to all who are making difficult yet important decisions at this time during the pandemic. We are hopeful, that some children in the exam classes may be able to return to school in the next two weeks and that some of the other measures in place for the lockdown will also start to ease from the 2nd of June.

This is a Report from Andrew Foster – Missionary to Uganda 2017-2022
Thank you so much for your continued prayers for me and for the work in Liberia, especially in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Please pray specifically for the following points:

- that God would be merciful and allow Liberia to escape the full effects of the pandemic that are being felt elsewhere (we only have three confirmed cases at the moment)

- that Liberians would take precautions as advised and realise that this is a serious matter

- that healthcare workers, who are now preparing for COVID-19, would be given courage and wisdom as they work in a healthcare system that is already fragile

- that the radio station would stay on-air throughout the next months; that funds would continue to come in to run it, even with the economic hardships that many supporters are facing; that there will not be a shortage in Liberia of the diesel that runs the generator (that runs the station)

- that many Liberians would turn to the Lord in this time of trouble

- that the missionaries will know wisdom from the Lord as they adjust to changing conditions and seek His will as to how to continue to minister (the two counties that are affected are where we labour, and are currently on lockdown)

- that the missionaries’ families in the UK and USA would be protected during the pandemic, especially those who are in at-risk categories
Your prayers are a vital support to our Missionaries and Mission Stations on a daily basis, but they are especially vital at a time of crisis such as we are facing all around the world at this time.

We appeal to you to pray earnestly for all our Missionaries and their work at this very challenging time. Please continue to pray for

• Our workers, that they would be protected at this difficult time
• Our congregations overseas to be preserved, drawn closer in fellowship and visited with revival.
• The Lord to speak all around the world by these events so that many souls will be saved.
• Clear guidance to be given to the Mission Board at this very challenging time.
• New methods of evangelism to open up and be developed
• All our Mission Fields will continue to be kept open in the future
• The Lord to overrule so that these events will fall out unto the furtherance of the Missionary work and the opening of new doors of opportunity
• The Lord to step in so that this time of crisis will soon pass

‘Ye also helping together by prayer for us’… (2 Cor 1:11)
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