...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
On Saturday, October 21st, the congregation in Alcorcon had the great joy of seeing the doors of the new church building open of its mission point in the city of Aranjuez. Aranjuez is located about 29 miles south from Alcorcon, about 40 minutes away by car. It is a very famous city in Spain with a very important history in the past. It receives a lot of tourists through the year. Its population is about 60.000 people.

The church premises are located at the end of one of the streets that lead directly to the royal palace of the city, on the corner of another important street with a lot of traffic coming up and down. Because of its location, the church can be seen very easily by lots of people throughout the day. Previously, the premises were a bank. Taking out that safe they left behind was a real achievement! After the necessary refurbishment, the building is now a beautiful place for God’s people to worship Him and the preaching of His Holy Word.

The meeting took place at 7p.m. About 90 people attended the meeting, 11 of them were first-time visitors, and seven had never been to a Protestant church. I had the joy of leading the meeting. After a time of praise, prayer and reading the Word, I gave way to Rev John Hanna, who briefly recounted the history of the Presbyterian Christian Church in Spain. Immediately afterwards, he entrusted Rev Raphael Oliveira to the work in Aranjuez with the corresponding imposition of the hands of the church session in Alcorcon and Rev Mark Witte, our missionary in the work in Toledo, who also attended the meeting with his family.

Raphael himself then preached from Genesis 35:1-15. The topic was “Why to open new churches?” Its main points were: because it is God’s command, because it is the place that God has designated for His people to worship Him, and because it is the place where the Gospel must be preached. At the close of the meeting, several sisters from Alcorcon, Toledo and Aranjuez provided a delicious dinner for the attendees, thus having a good time of communion afterwards. The following day, the church in Aranjuez had their first meetings for worship, with an attendance of 23 people.

We are very thankful to the Lord for His faithfulness and mercy towards us and the work in Spain. We can see God’s hand upon us as He continues to spread His kingdom through these new works in our country. To Him be the glory!
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