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I do thank God for a blessed time in Ulster over Christmas. It was blessed because God was with me in a special way. It was sad because a beloved uncle died but I was so thankful that God give me the opportunity to be with him in his final weeks and especially his final hours. Do pray for my dad as he adjusts to life without his older brother, he would have visited with him two or three days each week. Pray that God will be with my dad and all the family circle at this time.

Please continue to pray for the work visa as the application has now been submitted. It will have to go through many different departments of government before being accepted, DV. Pray that the connected work project, of starting a new English academy, will be seen as viable and needful in this area. Pray that as it passes from department to department that God will go before, preparing the way and that the visa will be granted. It will take a month or so before I will know the final decision. 

Since returning from the Christmas break I have commenced teaching English to the bible students three days a week. This has allowed me to get to know the students a bit better and they are truly a lovey group of Christians. Pray for each student, that God will open the door of further service for them in the Nepalese church. Pray for their families, that they will be a source of encouragement to them in their labours.

Whilst at home I was given a gift of some wool hats for the children in the children's home. I do want to thank those involved most sincerely. It is the winter season here in Nepal and the mornings are very cold, so the hats have been greatly received by the boys and girls. They love wearing them to church and to school alike.

Please continue to pray for the language learning, I am improving but it is slow. Pray that God will help my mind to quickly understand and recognise this new language.

Thank you for your prayers and interest in the work of Nepal and pray that God will continue to move in a wonderful way, saving souls for eternity here in Nepal.
The work of God continues unabated over the winter months. Along with Rev Larry Power and Pastor Alvin Mullin, I engaged in a five day gospel mission in the Community Hall in Garrison which is on the Fermanagh/Leitrim border. We did extensive door to door outreach in the area, but very disappointed that no locals came in to any of the meetings. We were well supported by folk from Bethel and Kesh FPC, but it has to be said that Garrison did not seem to know the day of her visitation.

Currently engaged in door to door evangelism for the Kilskeery congregation round the Trillick/Dromore area with plenty of 2019 gospel calendars and tracts going into many homes.

The next big event on the calendar is to fly out for a month to the FPC Mission Station in Uganda on the 8th March to cover for the Millers who are home on furlough. I have never been in Africa before, so this is entirely new ground for me. My main purpose to preach and teach Jesus Christ both in the church and the many school assemblies.

As ever your prayers and support are both gratefully received and coveted.
Bible Club and Youth Fellowship
On Friday 2nd February our Children's Bible Club and Youth Fellowship recommence for a new season. Do pray that we will see new children come to join us. Some of our children have moved into high school so we are praying some younger children will come to the children's meeting. Pray for effective delivery of the gospel at these meetings. We do rejoice in evidence of conviction upon some of our Sunday School children in recent days.

Bible Studies
Philip has commenced a weekly evangelistic Bible study in a public housing block close to the city centre. This has been facilitated by one of our members who lives in the area. Some who initially promised to attend have been put off by the cults. Please pray we will see some locals come to these studies and be converted.

Street ministry
We have had some valuable conversations lately in the city. Please pray that some who have been presented the gospel will be brought to Christ.
Please pray for the school students and staff this week as they travel back to school from right across the country.

Over 300 people have died on Kenyan roads in December, and we read that another 38 have been killed this past week in a bus crash. With this in mind, we are thinking especially of our own people and particularly students and staff of our Academy. We need the Lord to grant us journeying mercies during this week and this month of January
Remember us in prayer this week. We have elections on Thursday as millions of Nepalese vote in the country’s first general election since the end of the civil war. The election will see 550 representatives elected to seven provincial assemblies, and are the first polls under the new constitution. The city of Kathmandu will be on lock down for a few days, with no transport going in or out. The folk from here will have to walk in to cast their votes, which for some will be a three to four hour journey. Pray that the elections pass off peacefully and that the results will be accepted by the nation.

The bible students have also left to travel back to their homes to vote and will not come back until January, so I have a little break from classes as well.
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