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Kenya is suffering from extremely high rainfall which has resulted in flooding since mid-October. The saturated ground in the hilly areas has given way causing severe landslides in populated areas.

It is estimated that at least 330,000 people are affected - 20,000 people have been displaced, 120 people have died, and 26,000 animals have been killed due to floods and landslides. It is reported that 72 deaths are from massive landslides in West Pokot, where our workers are located.

Major roads have been cut off in 11 counties, affecting accessibility to affected populations for delivery of humanitarian assistance, especially in parts of West Pokot. Health and hygiene remains a concern due to the submerging of toilets and contamination of the water supply, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases, especially cholera.

The Mission Board have given emergency aid assistance to people connected with our works in Kenya and specifically in Ortum, where there was a significant landslide. Click Here to see some photos.

Please pray about this situation; that the rains would subside and that the authorities would be able to contain any diseases that may spread following such a disaster.
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