...striving together for the faith of the gospel
By God’s grace and provision we have been enabled to reach the end of another school year in the Academy in Kapenguria. I sincerely thank everyone for your prayers and support for the school. But as we close on the 26th October, National Examination are set for primary 29th October to 1st November and Secondary from 5th -30th November. Throughout the country 1.7 million students will sit for these examinations. It is a time when we need much prayer. Please pray for the following:

- Good health and safety of candidates and their families. In one week in the academy a teacher lost his mother, a student lost her father in a road accident and a teacher responsible for an exam class was admitted to hospital: we need prayer.

- The Kenya National Examination Council ( KNEC) for the administration and security of exams. They are seeking to administer examinations efficiently and free from cheating! It is a huge administrative and security exercise. Pray for them.

- For the success for our BCFC candidates which will not only benefit them, but is vital for an improved enrolment in the academy in 2019. Much work and expense has gone into the preparation of candidates and much prayer is being offered. Some of the primary students meet together themselves, to fast and pray over their lunch break. Please join them and ask God to hear their cries!

- Pray for the candidates, as they leave us, that God will go with them and the Word that they have been taught will never leave them!

- Personally, do pray for my final weeks in the Academy. It is not an easy time! Pray for those who will take over my responsibilities. Pray that God will prosper, bless and provide for the Academy in 2019

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much
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