...striving together for the faith of the gospel
Dear praying Friends, as I come to the close of my first week here in Nepal I would like to thank you all for your prayers for me in these past days and weeks. I truly have felt the hand of God leading and guiding me. As he encouraged Jacob so he has encouraged me with the words "Behold I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest" Gen 28 v 15a

I have taken a few days adjusting to my new surroundings and to the heat. It is the time of the monsoon rains so every afternoon there are storms which cool things down but then the heat comes again and it becomes sticky. Pray that the Lord will help me adapt to this new environment.

I have commenced my language classes this week, pray for safety as I travel on public transport. My classes are in the Thamel area of the city and finish at 1.30pm when the rains come, pray that God will keep me safe as I travel around. Today my bus took a detour to go and fill up with all of us on it, pray that god will help us adjust to all these little changes. Pray to that he will give me an ear to hear this strange language and loosen my tongue to speak it.

Please remember some books that were posted for the library, pray that they will arrive safely and that Paul won't have to much trouble with the customs and getting them out. Many times it's in customs where the problems are. Pray that God will over rule in these matters. The tracking system says they have arrived in the country but we have heard nothing from them.

Since being here last November I noticed that some new people have started to attend the meetings, pray that God will draw them to himself and encourage them in the church. Another encouraging development is that one of the young people who grew up in the orphanage has gone on to a bible college in India. Pray that God will help him with his studies and that this course will be a time of blessing and preparation for him to return and take up the labours in his home country.
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