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Please remember Rev Wesley Graham in prayer. Last weekend he took unwell, was taken into hospital for tests, and following scans has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Understandably this has come as a terrible shock for him and his family, but he is in good spirits and trusting the Lord for the coming days.

Miss Margaret Russell is out of hospital and recovering in Nairobi following surgery on her shoulder. Her sister, Valerie, a nurse, has travelled out to be with her as she recovers. She is getting physio and they hope to travel back to Kitale later this week. Pray for Margaret - for her recovery and as she prepares to retire from her work in Kenya in the Spring.
Kenya is suffering from extremely high rainfall which has resulted in flooding since mid-October. The saturated ground in the hilly areas has given way causing severe landslides in populated areas.

It is estimated that at least 330,000 people are affected - 20,000 people have been displaced, 120 people have died, and 26,000 animals have been killed due to floods and landslides. It is reported that 72 deaths are from massive landslides in West Pokot, where our workers are located.

Major roads have been cut off in 11 counties, affecting accessibility to affected populations for delivery of humanitarian assistance, especially in parts of West Pokot. Health and hygiene remains a concern due to the submerging of toilets and contamination of the water supply, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases, especially cholera.

The Mission Board have given emergency aid assistance to people connected with our works in Kenya and specifically in Ortum, where there was a significant landslide. Click Here to see some photos.

Please pray about this situation; that the rains would subside and that the authorities would be able to contain any diseases that may spread following such a disaster.
Over the past few weeks we have been very busy making new enquiries and following up on existing schools for assembly bookings and Scripture Union classes for the new terms ahead of us. We continue to request prayer for several schools that we've been actively seeking to get into including one in the special needs sector.

Despite one or two schools not being able to invite us back as yet, this year once again, the Lord has been most gracious with new openings in Belfast, Antrim town and Portadown. To date we have acquired over a hundred and thirty bookings in total with others still to come.

Do please pray much for the children in all these schools as they sit under the sound of the gospel message.
Thank you for your continued prayerful and practical support for us and the work in Uganda.

Some of you may be aware that I have had Type 1 Diabetes for most of my life. During this year I have been experiencing ongoing difficulties with my diabetic control, which have proved very difficult to address. This has now reached levels where it is necessary for us to return to Northern Ireland to address this issue and the Mission Board has accordingly granted a medical leave of absence.

We appreciate your prayers for us that soon my diabetic control will be restored without any long-term consequences. In the past I have suffered from diabetic-related eyesight problems and we pray that these will not return.

Pray also for the work in the Uganda, our missionary colleagues and those who will conduct the pulpit ministry at this time.

This is a Report from Rev Stephen Miller – Missionary to Uganda 2016 - 2019
On 7th July we commenced a new 15-minute LTBS broadcast, on a third radio station, Labao FM which means that we now have radio coverage from West Pokot to the north of Kitale right down to over 30 kms beyond Kakamega. Our team of broadcasters is also increasing, with Evangelist Patrice and Pastor Andrew preaching alongside me, and then Margaret and Alison who are recording addresses for children. We have also invited those visiting us from home to record their testimonies which we have also broadcast.

We travelled to Northern Ireland for Alison's third annual scan which is all clear. Over the next two years she will be supervised by nurses and then see the Surgeon at the end of the five-year supervision period. We are thankful to God for His mercies and to the people of God for their prayers.

We returned to Kenya on 12th August and have conducted some important meetings in connection with obtaining a church registration under the Societies Act of Kenya.

During the week commencing 19th August the Nyaporo and Bikeke Fellowships held their Vacation Bible Schools. Pray for the teams of Kenyans, led by Mercy and Benson, who are labouring with the boys and girls.

Continue to pray for the book table ministries in Kitale and Shianda and for the young people manning the stalls fulltime, Godwill, Praxeides and Josephine.

Remember also Josephine Kisea who manages the bookshop in Kakamega.

We attended the Kitale Agricultural Show from Wednesday 18th – Saturday 21st September; this is the main agricultural show in north western Kenya. Please pray that the Lord will speak to those who visited our stand or received some of the tracts during their visit.

Pray for the young pastors: Pastor Andrew as he ministers mainly in Bikeke, does evangelism, has book tables in Bikeke and Sibanga and ministers in a local School on Fridays and Lord’s Day morning during term time. Patrice as he ministers mainly in the new Fellowship in Kakamega, conducts the Bible Study in the bookshop and book table in the town centre and recently has been able to gain access to an Open Prison outside Kakamega.

Remember in prayer the men who are potentially leaders in the various congregations and our families back in Northern Ireland. Thank you.
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