...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
For several months I’ve been trying to get a permit to set up a book table at the market on Saturdays in the next large town to us. The town hall hasn’t been answering to my reply and they seem to be ignoring my petition. Though Spain is a non-confessional country, we still can see some opposition for other religions apart from the Roman Catholic Church to do outreach and street evangelism. I won’t be giving up until I get an answer, and I’m going to insist as much as I can.

Soon (month of July) a Presbyterian missionary from the United States will be moving to Toledo, and he’ll join us to do some evangelism both in Alcorcon and Toledo, so we will be reaching two large cities with the gospel through evangelism.

In two weeks time, we’ll have a special meeting in our church for the old Sunday School students that used to come to church some 20-30 years ago, but they left after growing up. We have sent out about 20-25 invitations. Rev John Hanna will bring a short gospel message, and I’ll be giving my personal testimony of salvation. This will be a great opportunity to reach those who used to hear God’s Word, but who now walk far from Him.

Just back from three good days evangelism in Dublin city centre. The weather was kind and I was able to preach a few times in the open air. I usually stand at the corner of Henry Street and O'Connell Street at the historic GPO building. Christ was preached. All the Dublin based evangelists are commenting on how slowly tracts seem to going out and it was no different with me. However, quite a few were taken and only a couple were thrown away. I had the opportunity to talk to a Muslim who listened to the open air. Unfortunately our conversation was hijacked by an excitable and aggressive (i.e. towards the Muslim) propserity preacher from Ghana who simply barged in and took over. The Devil really does everything to disrupt the gospel from going out.

I still have some deputation meetings this side of the summer. It's not often they run into June, but these are the dates and venues:

Tandragee FPC on 10th June
Comber FPC on 17th June
Cookstown FPC on 24th June

As ever, we appreciate your prayers and support.

The brighter and warmer days of summer enable me to get out in the camper van for longer periods. Last week saw some street preaching and tract distribution in Dublin. There is still active involvement with the Consider Christ campaign with a recent trip to Tralee in the deep south. Over 80 Free Presbyterians came on the Saturday outreach (which invloved an overnight stay in Limerick) while around a dozen were present for the follow up meeting on the Monday night, when 18 locals came in. It fell to me to preach and I decided to preach on the woman taken in adultery. The Irish love a good story and this incident with its great climax certainly lends itself to such. Every one listened well and there were a few good conversations held afterwards over the customary tea and coffee.

I am getting ready to go back to Athlone again tonight with the CC team. Athlone has always been encouraging, and sometimes I manage to get down to Athlone a couple of days beforehand and get some outreach done for this monthly meeting.

Your prayers and support are always appreciated

We praise the Lord for His continued supply for the Armstrong Evangelical Bookshops – both through shipments from Northern Ireland and North America and through purchases at a seminary bookshop in Nairobi. Joseph and I were able to make a trip to Nairobi in April and were very successful in finding some needed items for the shops (books and crafts).

Just this past week as we were cataloging the new books in the bookshop office, one of our customers came in to say how much he appreciated our making these materials available here in this area of Kenya. It was a real encouragement to us, and not the first time this has happened recently! I pass this on to you along with our thanks because so many of you donate to our supply of books for the shops in Kitale and Makutano – both by passing along your used books and Bibles and also by your gifts of funds to purchase new materials. A sincere thank you in the Lord’s Name.

This is a Report from Kathy Walker – Missionary to Kenya 2006-2018
Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to ‘La Solana’ in the centre of Spain and share my testimony with over 70 women. It was the annual regional women’s meeting outing, and over 70 ladies from the centre of Spain travelled to ‘La Solana’ to encourage the small evangelical church in the town. We visited an olive production plant and then two museums in the old town. The ladies had a lovely time; weather was not too warm about 28º so ideal for walking about in the midday sun!! After lunch we had an evangelistic meeting with two ladies testifying to the power of God in their lives and then another lady brought a timely word for all present on “Fear Not”. A wonderful time was had by all. Gallery Photo link

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