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I had a really good time at Knock Shrine two weeks ago. Several conversations, including one with two young priests who got into my camper van for a discussion, one from Kerry and the other from NY. They said they would check out a devastating quotation from Augustine on John 6:53 (It is a crime to literally eat the flesh and literally drink the blood of the Son of God, therefore it must be figurative i.e. the Protestant position) which I gave them. They said they would come back the next day - but they never appeared!

Last week I had a good time preaching in Henry St and O'Connell St in Dublin. Now, having sampled a little of the great preaching at the Lough Erne Convention over the past few nights, I am off to Athlone with invites to the 'Consider Christ' meeting and then I'll be going on to Knock again for a couple of days, before returning to preach on the Lord's Day. I appreciate all your prayers and support.
Sadly the situation in Liberia has become more difficult as the deadly Ebola illness has spread more widely across the country and, specifically in Monrovia. It is now estimated that over 1000 have become infected and as a result the authorities have closed the borders with neighbouring countries. This is by far the largest Ebola illness on record and there is no end in sight.

As a result of this situation it has now been decided by the Mission Board in N America to temporarily withdraw our missionaries from the country. Miss Joanne Greer is now making preparation to fly back home to the UK on Tuesday 5th August and Rev. DiCanio back to the USA.

At the end of June beginning of July five young people joined me for the Youth Council Outreach. We had a great week of ministry amongst the boys and girls. Each morning we were involved with the HBC in Kilkeel church and it was a real encouragement to see so many children come and some of these were new contacts by the church. In the afternoon and evening we held four outdoor meetings for the children in Dundrum, Newcastle, Annalong and Derrybeg in Newry. Attendance at all of these was very good and we thank the Lord for a good week of weather and for the many children who heard the Gospel.

The following week l was in Dromore CWU Hall where we had about 30 children and again a number of new contacts where made so we trust they will attend a children's meeting later in the year. One mother told us that her wee girl trusted the Lord as a result of the HBC last year.

Please continue to pray for the United Children’s Camp - July 28th to 1st Aug
I have just finished a week of Holiday Bible Club meetings in Annalong. We had five days of sunshine. May there also be evidence that the "Son of Righteousness" also shone into the hearts of many in attendance. I would like to also thank all the workers that helped make the week a great success.

Do please remember us in your prayers for the United Children's Camp in Newcastle during the last week in July.
I had a very profitable time last week at Knock Shrine in Co. Mayo with several good solid conversations with some of the more devout and knowledgeable pilgrims. One of these lasted about 90 minutes. I operated a small booklet display from my camper van which is parked on the main street and quite a few stopped to speak with me. One woman told me that she loved her Bible in the King James translation (which, she said, she had with her.) She said that she was reading books by the old Evangelical preacher, Andrew Murray. Several booklets and preaching CD's were taken along with material from Dick Keogh. Another man recognised Rev. Larry Power's name on the back of a booklet and spoke about meeting him in the FPC tent at the Ploughing Championship. Two RC missionaries to Africa took a copy each of the Bible with them also.

A recent addition to the display is a large print open Bible consisting of the four gospels plus the Psalms, which I give centre place. Key verses e.g. John 14:6 are highlighted. An 80 year old nun asked me to read her some of the Bible, so I read her John 14:1-6 one day and John 10:27-28 the next. This display affords me a visible proof that we ought to give the word of God key place in our worship.

While recognising that last week's blessings do not automatically run into this week, I feel I that I should return to Knock as quickly as I can. Therefore I plan to go again this week. Your prayers are always appreciated.
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