...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
It has been the source of great encouragement to see the missionary vision of our denomination increase over these past few years. Never before have we had as many missionaries on the mission field, nor have we witnessed such enthusiasm among our congregations for the Great Commission. 

The Missionary Council Weekend has seen a steady increase in attendance. For five years our venue has been the Magherabuoy House Hotel, Portrush, where we have been looked after excellently. The accommodation, food, fellowship and missionary challenge have been second to none. 

In November 2017 we witnessed a record attendance with 112 people resident and many more joining us for the Saturday night Conference. We had to accommodate an overflow of residents in the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine. Some testified to it being ‘the best weekend ever.’ Maybe they have forgotten previous years, or perhaps the sentiment is just in keeping with the trend seen in the increased missionary burden of our churches. 

A PowerPoint presentation of the ministry of the Missionary Council was shown by the Chairman, Rev Park, on the Friday night. Saturday morning was ‘Question and Answers’ time, when some very pertinent and interesting questions were put to the panel. Challenging missionary reports were brought by Rev. and Mrs. Miller (Uganda), and three young men from Hebron ministered in song. 

Dr. Douglas was the guest conference speaker who brought a stirring message on the ‘FEW’ from the closing verses of Matthew chapter 9. This passage of scripture was uniquely and providentially emphasised in every meeting; a powerful example of the Lord directing our way. 

The residents joined the Worship Service in Hebron on the Sabbath morning where the Youth Fellowship ministered in song, and Rev. Park preached on 'Ask of Me, and I will give Thee the heathen for Thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for Thy possession (Psalm 2:8).  Click Here to see more photos.

We praise God for His presence throughout the weekend and give Him the glory for all accomplished in our hearts.

After two flights, Dr Campbell and I arrived at Entebbe airport on Friday 3rd of November. It was about 2 clock in the afternoon and we were greeted by Miss McAfee and a comfortable Ugandan heat! With our bags packed onto the back of the ECS truck we headed towards Nsaalu. Having to make various stops along the way, we arrived at the school around midnight . The welcoming party was mostly in bed and so we enjoyed meeting everyone the next day! The people smile constantly, especially when we try to say their names or greet them with words in their own language.

I am thankful to the Lord for safe travels; a lovely group of people here at ECS and that the Lord has enabled me to settle in well!

God has answered prayer! Thanks to everyone for your support.

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Dr Nigel Campbell, an elder from Lisburn FPC, has just arrived in Uganda to cover for the next four weeks while Stephen and Ruth Miller are home on furlough. During his time at the Mission Station in Nsaalu he will take the Lord’s Day services, the weekly prayer meeting and Bible Study and Staff Bible Study. He will also help at the Sunday School, Open Air evangelism and School Assemblies. Dr Campbell will also support Pastor Andrew in his course of study, which has just commenced.  

As a Mission Board, we thank him for his willingness to go to Uganda for this extended period and trust that you will pray for him as he labours there.
Over 160 young people from the Free Presbyterian churches in Nepal come to Kathmandu for the annual Youth Conference on 18th and 19th October. It's a time greatly looked forwarded to by the young people in the denomination. Unfortunately some were not able to attend because of the damage done to the roads during the monsoon rains, which made them unpassable.

This year it was held over a Wednesday and Thursday, the time of the Hindu festival of lights, when Hindus believe that their god of light has won the victory over the god of darkness by bringing light in the darkness. All of the houses around us were decorated with lights, and at one stage we had a power cut and you could see all the people running to light candles so that the evil god of darkness could not get in!

How wonderful to know that many of the young people who came, know what it really is to be free from the darkness of sin and to be brought to the light of lights, Jesus Christ!

This year, the conference speaker was Paul Thapa who spoke on 'The Reformation and The five Solas, showing the young people the need for this same message today. The young people were attentive to the word and seemed to enjoy the messages. The majority of the young people had never heard of Martin Luther or what he did or stood for. Posters were made to help them understand who Martin Luther was, and how his work and influence has reached right into Nepal. It was an enjoyable time for all. Click Here to see gallery photos.

Many of the young people come each year and so there was much talking late into the night, as they caught up on all of the news with their friends. It was also a time of fellowship for the pastors and youth leaders in the churches. Pray for these young people, who in many cases are the only Christians in their school and area. Pray that God will have encouraged them through His word and that they will have returned home refreshed and ready to stand for Christ, just like Martin Luther did in his day.
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking our churches back home who have prayed so faithfully and supported us financially down through the years, making it possible for us to continue labouring for the Lord on the mission field. We are deeply indebted to them and we pray that the Lord would richly bless them in return. We would also like to express our gratitude to those who gave us hospitality while on deputation during the months of September and October. We enjoyed very much being able to fellowship with God’s people and seeing how the Lord is working and blessing.

We arrived safely back to the land of our calling with thanksgiving in our hearts for His hand upon the work during our absence. Pastor Ulises Vallin has been a real blessing to the people in the ”Sierra” as he preached faithfully each Lord’s day and also during the week. Please remember him in prayer as he visits Cuba during the month of November. Pray he would be an encouragement to the believers there and also have the opportunity of witnessing to his family and friends.
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