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On behalf of our Mission Board and Missionaries we would like to extend our Christian sympathy to our brother Douglas Kyaligamba in Uganda on the sudden death of his wife Faridah on Easter Sunday 1st April. His wife had left Kampala on Wednesday to attend a Christian Seminar at Mbarara. On the return journey on Good Friday morning on a Coaster twenty-eight seater bus, the vehicle met with an accident at which seven people died instantly at the scene.

Faridah and the others who were injured were taken to the local Mbarara University Hospital where she was admitted to ICU. She was unable to be transferred to hospital in Kampala as the doctors felt she wasn’t stable enough to make the journey.

Despite the valiant efforts of her husband Douglas to hire medics, a life support machine and an ambulance from the International Hospital in Kampala she died in the hospital in Mbarara. She was a genuine and sincere Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and though we mourn her passing we know that her soul has gone to be with Christ.

She leaves behind three children, Jireh aged eleven, Jairus aged seven and Javeline aged five. Together with her husband she helped to look after seventeen other children three of whom are students in Emmanuel Christian School.

As a Mission Board we have appreciated the help given by Douglas in various practical matters in the work in Uganda over these past few years. In the early formative days of the Emmanuel School, Faridah was a director and bursar. She and Douglas were also married in the Emmanuel Church.

We want to assure Douglas and his family of our prayers and support at this sad time.

Our condolences are also extended to Rev. and Mrs Noel Kelly, as Faridah was their adopted daughter in Uganda. We pray that the Lord will draw near to them all and comfort their sorrowing hearts.

We ask for special prayer for Rev. David Park who has travelled out together with Mr Hugh McClenaghan at very short notice to be preach at the funeral service on Tuesday 3rd April. Do pray that the ministry of God’s Word will be a help and comfort to all.

Please remember in your prayers Miss McAfee and Mr Foster that they together with the Staff of Emmanuel Christian School will be able to support and encourage the family in the days ahead.

We know not the divine reasons behind such a human tragedy but we are assured there is a day coming when God will unfold the canvas and explain the reasons why.

John 13:7 Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.

1. My life is but a weaving
Between my God and me;
I cannot choose the colours
He worketh steadily.
Sometimes He weaveth sorrow
And I in foolish pride
Forget He sees the upper,
And I the underside.

2. Not till the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why.
The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver’s skilful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.
We are glad to have Mr. Colin Maxwell visiting through until Easter time. He has been covering some study units with Pastor Andrew on Covenant Theology, Personal Evangelism and the Offices of Christ our Mediator. He has also been taking an active role in the school assemblies and other meetings.

Do pray especially for the church services over the Easter period as it is a time when we usually see many visitors in under the sound of the Gospel. There is much ignorance of the true Gospel around and we need to seize every opportunity to share the Good News.
The March 2018 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition includes articles on James Hannington, Pioneer Missionary in Uganda, the Pastor's Conference in Uganda; reports on the 50th Anniversary Missionary weekend in Ballymoney and Noel Shields’ Commissioning Service. We also have a short article to introduce our latest Missionary candidate - Miss Christina Logan

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Having taken over the school in January 2017, we assessed the key areas that would require additional work to bring up to standard for registration. One of the key projects was the complete refurbishment of the kitchen area and the installation of cooking boilers, sinks and water supply. The school kitchen project was also a great opportunity to work with the young men from school, during the school holidays, and rescue a tired building after years of service!

This project was an interesting challenge and not something you encounter often. There was no ventilation in the room, so the walls were completely black from smoke damage and the tin roof was warped from the heat.

We basically spent the first week or so stripping back the building to its bares bones. Cracks in the walls were fixed, the black walls were scrubbed, and the plastering began. As the cooking generates a lot of heat, we also took the opportunity during the renovation to insert buffel wall to provide increased airflow.

Afterwards we turned our focus to the roof! We kept the old roof as long as we could to allow for working in the shade, something important near the equator! The new roof structure was made from steel and was built to endure the heat from this commercial kitchen and we trust stand the test of time.

During this renovation work we had the pleasure of working with Rev Creane and his wife Jayne, who both really got involved in the work. They helped get supplies, lay block, fit the sinks, lay some tiles on the floor and by painting the kitchen. We are extremely grateful for their help and are happy to report that with the stoves fitted just before they left, the school kitchen is now in use!
The stoves look great and the cook is getting used to the new way of doing things.

We have a few small things to do to finish and I will look forward to sharing the finished project in my next prayer letter. Click Here  to see more photos in the Gallery.

We would also like to sincerely thank everyone who financially supported this project – it will make such a difference to the lives of everyone at the school.
At the end of January, we had the annual conferences of our Reformed ministers association in Spain. This time, we held the meetings in the church building in Toledo. We also took this opportunity to have the official opening of the building for public worship. The work in Toledo is still very small, but there are now several people attending the services every week. There is a woman who is faithfully attending both morning and evening services on the Lord’s Day, and is taking a series of studies on discipleship to become a member there. She will be our first church member in Toledo.

With regard to the work in Alcorcon, a new family with three little children has started to attend our evening services after they got in touch with us through our web page. This family lives in a small town in the province of Guadalajara, which is about a one hour drive from the church. After their first time in our church, they met with me and expressed their desire to start coming to our evening services because they are unhappy with the unbiblical practices that they see in the Roman Catholic Church.

In the last few weeks, a middle-age woman from Eastern Europe, with a Greek-Orthodox background, joined us in the social work, and she also came to our evening service last week. She is depending on the town hall for a home and is concerned that she may need to move to another part of Madrid, which means she would not be able to collect the food or come to the services on the Lord’s Day. Please pray for this lady.

As we need more room for services, meetings and other church activities, we are now considering the need to look for a larger site. Following an initial review, we have actually found one that would be perfect for our purpose. Of course, we would also need to sell our old building so that we can buy the new one. We are waiting on the Lord to provide for this need.

As the new work in Toledo is growing little by little, we have seen the need to develop a new Book of Church Order, as the old church statutes are very basic. We have now commenced work on the first part, which is the Form of Government.

Pray for all of these matters so that the Lord will enable us to spread the Gospel for the extension of His kingdom and His glory.
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