...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
The 11th August was a very encouraging day for our congregationas Rafael, a lorry driver of forty two years of age, testified of his new found faith in Jesus Christ and was baptised before the congregation. We were very pleased to see many attend for the first time, especially members of family. We were also joined by two teachers who Heather had got to know in recent years, who came to see an adult being baptised, something they had never heard of before, never mind witnessed.

Some of our own people were reluctant to come as the weather forecast had given very heavy thunderstorms for that evening. Indeed, it got very dark at one point and I felt a drop of rain on my hand as I started the service. I had visions of all of us having to run for cover at any minute. These thunderstorms can be very destructive as they can create huge hailstones that destroy cars and cause a lot of damage to property. But we praise the Lord for answer to prayer, as we never saw a drop more rain the whole evening. We discovered a few days later from the news that other parts of Jaén suffered damage with roads cut off and thousands of olive trees losing their annual crop. But despite the uncertainty and difficulties, around sixty people congregated to witness this unusual sight, and afterwards we all enjoyed a sumptuous meal prepared by the ladies of the congregation. Click Here to see more photos

Please pray that through the Word preached on Namaan and through the testimony of Rafael, that God in His great mercy would work in the hearts of the unsaved to bring them to a saving knowledge of Himself.
Thank you to all who uphold the work here in prayer. We are very conscious of our need for the Lord to work among us. We are thankful that our services have known some growth this year with some new families joining with us. It has been encouraging to see some growth in our Prayer Meeting. We look to the Lord that this growth will continue and that there will be a real crying to God among His people here.

During the second week of July we held our annual winter Holiday Bible Club, the ‘Barnyard Bible Club.’ We were delighted to see an increased attendance again this year, over 30 children attended during the week. The lessons were based on ‘farmers called by God,’ we considered the call of Gideon, David and Elijah. Some of the children came from unsaved homes, do pray that the Word of God will penetrate deep into their young hearts and that fruit will follow these meetings. We were also thankful to have some new volunteers helping us.

Philip continues to conduct some private Bible Studies at home, and also is conducting a weekly evangelistic Bible Study in the home of Eileen, one of our members. Over recent months three ladies have been attending that meeting faithfully. We ask you to pray that the Lord will open their hearts to the gospel. All of them have some religious knowledge, but we long to see them come to Christ alone for salvation. One of these ladies attends Eileen’s home another day in the week for English classes and so has been exposed to Biblical material through that means also.

Adverts recently have been delivered in the housing block where the Bible Study takes place and a number of locals have indicated they are planning to come. Please pray that we see some of these people come along. We have applied to have the hire of a community room owned by the housing association but so far they have refused our request, please pray that this door will open up for us.

Most Saturdays a small group from the congregation engage in outreach in the city centre. For the past year we have had issues with the local council in relation to permits. We currently have a permit for literature distribution and are thankful this has been granted to us. The council have refused us permission to have a literature table or signage, we are looking to the Lord that despite these hindrances that we can have an effective witness in the city centre.

Prayer requests
- For a young man in prison that Philip is planning to visit. Gospel literature has been sent to him.
- For a local Turkish lady who has been supplied with a gospel of John after coming to the church for help.
- For the hire of a Community Room for our weekly evangelistic outreach
- The conversion and growth in grace in the lives of our children and youth
- Preparation for Youth Camp in December
- For new doors of opportunity to open to us, including openings on radio
Over the past few months we have been continuing our work of evangelism throughout our province. In the month of May we had opportunity to do some door to door work for our Limavady and John Knox congregations. During this time of visitation we had many opportunities to bring the gospel to the hearts of the people. We pray that the Lord will bless the sowing of the seed to the salvation of souls.

At the end of May we commenced a two week gospel mission in a little hall outside Annalong. This mission was a blessing to all who attended. It was encouraging to see unsaved people from the local community coming along to listen to the Gospel of Christ. Although we saw no outward signs of conversion, we leave the matter in the hands of Him who is “working salvation in the midst of the earth”. (Psalm 74v12)

Under our Armagh church, we commenced a Children’s Holiday Bible Club in Killylea, Co Armagh. These meetings were held in the local primary school. The club was very well attended with around 65 children coming along to listen to Bible stories of Christ. These meetings were a real blessing and we trust that the Lord will bless the Word spoken to the salvation of their souls.

At the end of June the Rev Ian Kenny and I conducted a week of gospel meetings in the town of Dromore. These meetings were well attended and we trust that the seed sown will bring forth fruit in the days ahead.

During the month of June we had the opportunity of speaking at number of children’s day services in our churches. Also over the summer we’ve been invited to conduct Holiday Bible Clubs for some of our congregations. We look forward to presenting the gospel to the children throughout our province. Please pray that the Lord will bless His Word to the salvation of the boys and girls.

Thanking you for your prayerful support.
Yours in Christ,
Noel and Joan.

Nepal is a land of towering mountains and breathtaking beauty. It contains eight of the top ten highest mountain peaks, including Mt Everest. However, it is in the list of the 30 poorest countries in the world where it ranks 18th.

I had the privilege of visiting this beautiful and mysterious country in April. I was invited to speak at the Annual Bible Conference. Each day commenced with devotions followed by three preaching sessions, which began at 10am. Each day concluded with further devotions in the evening conducted by local pastors. During the week I spoke on the subject of the “Christian armour” stressing not only the importance of each piece of the armour but the need to put them on. Despite speaking through an interpreter the people listened attentively showing great appreciation for the word of God.

On the Tuesday evening I had the privilege of taking part in the ordination of three men to the gospel ministry. Please pray for them as they go back to their villages to reach the lost. On the Wednesday evening there was a graduation service at which 12 men graduated from the Bible School.

I also visited the orphanage that Rev. Paul Thapa and his wife Mandira opened in 2003. The number of orphans increasing over the years, they have now outgrown their present facilities. A new building is near completion, which is about a 3-minute walk away. The children are well cared for and have a great interest in the things of God. It was a delight to see them sitting through three 2-hour meetings at the conference each day and taking notes. Click here to see more photos. 

Kathmandu is a sprawling city with a population of over 25 million people. I had the privilege of visiting a new established congregation who meet on the edge of the city. They presently meet in a tin building and the pastor, his wife and family live in a small tin extension about 10 feet by 5 feet. While the people have little of this world’s goods, the joy of the Lord is evident in their lives and in their conversation.

I trust you will continue to pray for this and the many other congregations scattered across this land of hills and valleys. Please remember also the Rev. Paul Thapa as he pioneers this works and also carries the burden of the outreach radio ministry.
Our annual week of VBS finished last Friday, July 6th. After the record turn-out last year (350-400 children) when the team from Ballymena FPC was here, we realised we were going to have to actively limit the numbers this year since we had fewer helpers. So we gave out fewer invitations and asked the children to come on the Saturday before VBS to register and get an ID card. We ended up with 121 children registered and about 105 attending each day, which was very manageable.

It was encouraging again to see most of the children giving good attention to the lessons, including some older teenagers who come every year just for VBS. Pray that these older kids especially would soon be saved and would be kept by God’s grace from the temptations that they face daily. We believe that a few of them perhaps are saved and would value your prayers that they will grow in grace and even that they would come to our youth Sunday School class.

We appreciate your help in prayer and the help of several young people from the Paynesville congregation who came along each day. A special thanks goes to Matthew Graham from Mourne FPC in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, who came over to Liberia for two weeks specifically to help with VBS. Click here for more photos

Keep me in prayer as I leave Liberia on 11th July for 7 months of furlough. I will be doing deputation in the USA and Canada this summer and then moving on to Northern Ireland later in the year DV. Also, please pray for Mr. DiCanio and others who will be carrying on with the work here in my absence.
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