...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
The July 2019 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition includes an article on our first wedding in Uganda, and the setting aside service for Christina Logan. There are reports from Kenya and all of our Home Missionaries.

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A team from Hebron FPC in Ballymoney arrives in Uganda to run a VBS with the children of Emmanuel School. While there Rev. Brown and Rev. Park will travel 3 hours away to Pastor Joel’s Conference where they will preach 18 times in three days culminating in a 25th anniversary service for Joel’s church. Rev. McMillan and Alastair Hamilton will travel to Uganda later this week to join the group and conduct the Annual General Meeting of Free Presbyterian Mission Society Africa in Uganda. Please pray for all of these plans.
I would like to begin by thanking everyone who has prayed and supported me over the past year or so as I began the process of becoming a full-time children’s worker here in NI. In March, I started working full-time under our Mission Board and I am very thankful to the Lord for His goodness and for making the path clear and plain to this point.

On the 20th April I had my sending forth service. It was a very special night in my own Christian walk, and I am grateful to everyone who took the time to come and attend the service. I want to thank the Mission board too for the kind gift that was presented by Mr Mervyn Preston, and also to my own church in Rasharkin for the presentation of flowers by two of the children in my Sunday School class. It was a night where the Lord’s presence was truly felt; the word of God spoke to my own heart and many others testified to hearing a message from the Lord. Rev. Mercer spoke on Daniel 11.32, ‘but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.’ He elaborated on how important it is for us all to know God, for it is only through Him and knowing Him, that we will be strong and do much for Him.

As of February, I have finished working in the job I had previously been in for eight years. I am thankful to the Lord that He provided the means whereby I was able to leave that place of employment and focus more on Children’s work full-time. Because of this I have been able to get into more schools, especially around the areas of Ballymena and Ballymoney, to take assemblies and after-school Bible clubs. I have been able to get into eight schools so far, some as a one-off, others on a more regular basis. In one school just outside Ballymena I was able to go in for nine weeks which was a real opportunity to build up a relationship with the children and to be able to talk with them about spiritual things. The children are always a lot of fun, especially the P1s and P2s who really are not afraid to say what they think of you, whether it be kind or not! These school visits are such an opportunity to reach with the Gospel, children who may never come out to a church meeting. I would ask you to pray that these doors would continue to be opened as we come into the new school year in September, and that more opportunities will arise to go into new schools as well.

During the Easter Holidays I also had an opportunity to reach children around my home village of Rasharkin with the valuable help of my own church. We had a special Easter Bible School on the first Tuesday of the holidays in the local primary school, with the hope of reaching more children from the village as many would not come to the church. We printed out invitations and had a night of outreach around the village to spread the news about the meeting. We had around 30 children attend, 14 of whom we had never seen before at our own Children’s Meetings, so it was a real answer to prayer and an opportunity to reach them with the Gospel. We had an hour-long meeting, time for crafts and activities, and then finished up with some juice and biscuits. I am hoping that this may become an annual meeting and also perhaps to have a meeting during the Harvest Holidays too, if it is in God’s will.

Summer, of course, marks the beginning of a busy time for Children’s work and outreach. I have the joy of taking part in 13 Bible Clubs and Missions over the summer months and into the Autumn period. It will be a big work load this summer, but it is comforting to know that the Lord does give strength. I have been praying, and would ask that you pray also, that the Lord would save at least one child from every Mission, although we know that He can save much more beside. My hope and prayer is that many children will come to accept Christ as their Saviour. I would ask you to pray too for the various workers behind the scenes who put a lot of effort and work into the Missions for many weeks beforehand.

Again, I just want to thank you all for your prayers and support. It is comforting to know that God’s people are holding the ropes in prayer. I do hope that by the end of this Summer period I will be able to come back and tell of the great things that the Lord has done.
As Rev Ian Harris, takes time out from the role of Chairman for a few months, Presbytery have appointed Rev David Park as Interim Chairman of the Mission Board. Rev David McMillan will now take over as Secretary of the Mission Board, during this period. These changes take effect from 7th June 2019 and the contact section has been updated.

Please pray for all three men at this time, that they will all know the Lord's help.
On the 4th April we bade farewell to Dr Lindsay Wilson from Castlederg FPC who spent two weeks in Kenya as a speaker at the Pastors' Conferences in Mbale, Uganda and then in Kakamega, Kenya. Dr John McKnight has been conducting these conferences for a number of years and this year both Malcolm and Lindsay were speaking on the topics of "Studies in Galatians" and "Personal Evangelism" respectively. Dr McKnight spoke on "What happened at Calvary?"

Around 40 pastors and students who attend the Bible Study conducted by Evangelist Patrice attended the conference. One of the student’s texted Patrice to inform him that he found the conference very instructive as he realised that he was not truly saved but had finally become a child of God. A book table was also made available to those attending which seemed to be much appreciated.

The bookshop is continuing to attract new customers and the Bible Study continues to grow steadily and now has some young women attending. In addition to the Bible Study held, fellowship meetings are held two nights per week during term time in the houses where some of the students live. The end of the University term was marked with a supper for the students.

Pastor Andrew recently moved to a new house and his two boys are now attending a new school. He sought permission from the principal for an opening in the school to teach or to take a service. On Friday mornings he takes the PPI (Programme of Pastoral Instruction) classes and has received permission to commence a Sunday Morning Service at School after Easter.

We are grateful to the Lord for allowing these men to expand their ministry. In addition, they both set up a book table in local markets. Recently a young man from the Bikeke congregation has been assisting Andrew in the book table ministry. Pray for this young man as he seeks God's will for his life.

April is the month when children are on their Easter School Holidays. It is customary to organise Vacation Bible Schools during this time. This year Mercy, Andrew's wife, is running a week's meetings in Bikeke and Benson Osundwa, a teacher is taking charge of the week's meetings in Nyaporo. Malcolm and Alison have both been asked to speak at the Parent's Days in various churches when the Sunday School Exam prizes are distributed.

The LTBS broadcasts continue to be aired weekly with some response from listeners. During the time of the Pastors' Conference, Malcolm, Lindsay and Patrice went to visit a station outside Kakamega with a wider broadcasting area. On their visit they were interviewed live and each man had a great opportunity to promote the ministry and Patrice reinforced the message speaking in the local Lughya language.

A Men’s Conference was convened in Nyaporo on Thursday 18th & Friday 19th April. The speakers covered the subject of Salvation, Tithing, the Family and Marriage. Click Here to see more photos of the events.

God's Spirit is moving at this time in Kenya. Many requests are coming in for more teaching, churches to be opened and literature to be made available. The harvest is truly plenteous, but the labourers are few. Pray that God thrusts forth labourers, both Kenyans and those from our churches at home.
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