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The November 2017 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition includes articles on the Summer BBQ fundraiser for Kenya and Uganda; work team visit to Liberia; a report on the United Children's Camp and the visit of our Moderator to Australia. Click Here to view the magazine.
Greetings from Emmanuel Christian School and thank you for your continued prayers and practical support. We have again known God’s grace and help in this third term of the school year but it is passing very quickly! Please do remember to pray for our Senior Four and Primary Seven students who will sit for their national examinations from 13th October and 2nd November respectively. Pray also that the Lord would guide these young people as they make plans for the coming year.

This term, our children returned to find their new play area all finished and ready for use. We are much indebted to Rev. Park and the team from Ballymoney who took the time to build it for us. Needless to say, there has been much excitement as young and old try out the various activities! There has also been a marked improvement in attendance this term but I am wondering whether it was the Principal’s appeal to parents or the play area which did the trick!

We managed to recruit some new teachers this month and we thank God for supplying that need as well as meeting the ongoing financial costs of running the school in such a deprived area.

In the near future, we also hope to start work on some of the improvements which have been recommended by the local education authorities in order for us to obtain a School Licence and Full School Registration. It has been greatly encouraging to hear of various efforts to raise funds for these projects and we trust that all the needed finance will be brought in.

As you pray for the school, do also remember the work of Emmanuel Christian Church, especially in these months when the Millers are away on furlough. Our assistant to the minister, Pastor Andrew, has been preaching since July and we are also expecting a number of visiting preachers in the coming months. Do pray for each one who comes, that he would be the Lord’s messenger with the Lord’s message for us at this time.

Of course, we are also very much looking forward to the arrival of our new missionary, Mr. Andrew Foster, and I hope that you will pray much for him as he takes leave of Ulster and comes to settle amongst us.

May God bless you abundantly,
We are very thankful for all the prayer going up for Free Presbyterian Radio 92.5 FM, the new radio station operating from the mission compound in Duazon since April 2017. Rev. David DiCanio has been doing most of the work of gathering up a database of programs, boosting or compressing the audio when necessary, and slotting each day’s programming into the software that runs the station. Of the 18 hours of daily broadcasting, 7 hours include the preaching of over 40 different FPC ministers from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia. Other programs include daily devotionals, Scripture readings, church history, hymn histories, dramatized biographies of famous Christians, children’s programs, science programs, Q&A with Dr. Cairns, and programs that focus on a Biblical view of the family, education, and current events.

As the initial work of gathering programs reaches completion, our next step has been to advertise. We’ve been doing this by giving out business cards and bumper stickers. Some of our church people have heard the station playing in taxis, others have heard our programs from houses in their community, and one man even reported that a Pentecostal church was blaring it through their loud speaker a few Sundays ago! We’ve also had a few visitors at church each week who came as a direct result of the new station. Several said they found our frequency while flipping through the dial.

One of the godly young men from the Paynesville congregation has been spending time at a couple of the major intersections offering to put our bumper sticker on the back window of the taxis while they are stopped at traffic lights. Many have agreed, and some even immediately switched their radios to the station.

At the moment, we are really praying that the Lord will continue to provide the finances needed to run the station for 18 hours a day. We start broadcasting at 5am, which is when many Liberians wake up and turn on their radios, and shut down at 11pm, which is when most Liberians go to bed. Some small stations close down for a few hours each afternoon to save money, but we have been loath to do so for fear of losing our audience; if our station goes off the air, then those who were listening will probably flick to another station and may not come back to ours. Also, our Let The Bible Speak program on ELWA Radio (the large Christian station in Liberia) advertises our new station at the end of each program every afternoon. We fear listeners would hear the advert and check our station, only to find static.

So, since April, we have been running the station (and therefore running the generator) 6 hours a day beyond the normal 12 hours for which fuel had been budgeted for the compound as a whole. The extra expense has been met so far by gifts for the radio work, but at this point, there is just no more money to run the extra hours. Therefore we are facing the immediate possibility of having to shut down for several hours each day. Do please join us in praying that the Lord, Who has provided for this station so marvellously already, will continue to provide what is needed.
During the summer, we enjoyed frequent evangelism in Dublin (street preaching in O'Connell Street) and also at Knock RC Shrine where there were many conversations and much literature accepted. Other places of outreach included the Horse Racing week at Galway and in Athlone, along with activity in several towns and villages enroute. Our recent effort with the Ploughing Championships team saw outreach in the Marquee (which was flooded on the Wednesday of the outreach, due to heavy rain) and many Bible 2018 calendars given out. Best of all, four souls professed faith. Some of these folk were from the Athlone area and it is hoped to see them at the biweekly meetings in that town.

My autumn plans (DV) include outreach and participation in some gospel missions. The first is organised by Bethel FPC in Lisbellaw and also (still in the planning stages) in Garrison in Co. Fermanagh. It is getting increasingly hard to get unsaved people into meetings, but the work of sowing must go on. It is also planned that I will preach and teach for the month of March 2018 in Uganda while the Millers are home on deputation. My own deputation meetings continue unabated round our various congregations. For 30 years, I have been well supported by the Mission Board and an anniversary dinner has been planned by the Board for Monday, October 30th in Dungannon FPC. It would nice to meet some of our faithful supporters there. Thank you again for your prayer and financial support.
The September 2017 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition includes articles on the work in Nepal and Uganda, a notice for a special event for Colin and Olive Maxwell, and some information about Mission Field Trips for 2018. Click Here to view the magazine.
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