...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
In the earlier part of the summer we have completed meetings in Ballymena, Ballygowan, Garvagh, John Knox, Aghalee, a tent campaign in Randalstown and helped out in the United Children’s Camp in Larne.

The attendance and behaviour throughout these events has been very good with the children listening well to their need of the Saviour. Please pray on that many will respond to the challenge of the Gospel message.

It has been a great joy for me to work alongside many of our congregations in the field of child evangelism. I would like to thank all those who have come along to help out over these past weeks. It is, most certainly, a team effort and such meetings would be almost impossible to conduct without your input. Click Here to see more photos.

Please continue to pray on for the final weeks of children’s meetings in Comber, Tyndale Mem. (Belfast), and Larne.

3rd John v4 says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” May such sentiments be evident in the lives of the many boys and girls that have been reached this summer for the Saviour.
Thank you for continuing to pray for us, especially over the past 2 ½ years since Alison was diagnosed with colon cancer. The Lord has been good to us and we have now been able to return to Kenya.

The few days before we left we were able to visit family and saying goodbye for a time. We made our way to Dublin Airport on Monday (30th July) and flew out to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia where we were to have a 5 hr wait followed by a further six-hour delay!! We did not know at the time but there was a mechanical problem with the aircraft and another aircraft that was in a hangar had to be prepared to fly the route.

We arrived safely with our luggage in Nairobi later Tuesday evening ( 31st July). We cannot say that all went smoothly with our journey from the time we arrived at the airport and could not see our flight on the screen, but we can say that as we lifted up our hearts to the Lord He undertook for us during each part of the Journey

We stayed for a few days at a guest house in Nairobi with some things to do before moving up to Kitale. We were able to meet with Pastor Patrice who has been helping with the ministry in the church at Nyaporo and his wife Gladys. We also were to visit Judith Collins, a missionary living in Nairobi, who lectured for many years at a Bible College in Nairobi and has established a Primary School at Marsabit in the desert region of Northern Kenya. Judith was able to reminisce about her visits to some of churches in Northern Ireland back in the late 80’s

We travelled up to Kitale Monday 6th August stopping briefly at the Equator on our way. When we arrived in Kitale we were enthusiastically greeted by the workers on the compound and especially by the two German shepherds; Ireland & Sooty.

We are presently getting things sorted out and organized in the mission board house, adjusting to life here and meeting up with those we work with and have got to know.

We would be greatly encouraged and helped if you are able to pray with us and for us; we cannot do God’s work to God’s glory without the continual prayerful support of God’s people

The following are some points for Prayer:

• For our families especially Alison’s Mum, Malcolm’s Mum & Dad, Philip, Timothy & Sarah.
• That our work/entry permit which has been applied for may come though quickly so that we can engage in public ministry.
• For the Radio Programmes which we have done which were produced when we were in Northern Ireland and go out on Imani Radio & MMUST FM each week.
• For settling back to life in Kenya, good health, for general safety and especially as we travel on the roads.

There are those things we are not to covet but we do covet the prayers of God’s people for the Lord’s work in Kenya and all our missionaries. (1 Thess. 5:17)
Dave McAuley and his wife Rachel will travel to Kenya in early April to visit the work there for three months. Dave and Rachel, from Ballymoney FPC, have both now completed their missionary training with New Tribes Mission and are seeking the Lord’s will for their next step in service.

The Mission Board are happy to report that Dave and Rachel have agreed to visit the work in the Kakamega area of Kenya as we further develop the Mission work there. This assistance is greatly appreciated at this time, as both Kathy Walker and Gillian Gillespie were previously working in that area before retiring from the mission field in Kenya.

The work in Kakamega continues to develop with the bookshop in the town and the church in Nyaporo nearby. Please pray for Dave and Rachel as they travel to Kenya and live there for three months, and pray that the Lord would continue to lead and guide in their lives.
The 11th August was a very encouraging day for our congregationas Rafael, a lorry driver of forty two years of age, testified of his new found faith in Jesus Christ and was baptised before the congregation. We were very pleased to see many attend for the first time, especially members of family. We were also joined by two teachers who Heather had got to know in recent years, who came to see an adult being baptised, something they had never heard of before, never mind witnessed.

Some of our own people were reluctant to come as the weather forecast had given very heavy thunderstorms for that evening. Indeed, it got very dark at one point and I felt a drop of rain on my hand as I started the service. I had visions of all of us having to run for cover at any minute. These thunderstorms can be very destructive as they can create huge hailstones that destroy cars and cause a lot of damage to property. But we praise the Lord for answer to prayer, as we never saw a drop more rain the whole evening. We discovered a few days later from the news that other parts of Jaén suffered damage with roads cut off and thousands of olive trees losing their annual crop. But despite the uncertainty and difficulties, around sixty people congregated to witness this unusual sight, and afterwards we all enjoyed a sumptuous meal prepared by the ladies of the congregation. Click Here to see more photos

Please pray that through the Word preached on Namaan and through the testimony of Rafael, that God in His great mercy would work in the hearts of the unsaved to bring them to a saving knowledge of Himself.
Thank you to all who uphold the work here in prayer. We are very conscious of our need for the Lord to work among us. We are thankful that our services have known some growth this year with some new families joining with us. It has been encouraging to see some growth in our Prayer Meeting. We look to the Lord that this growth will continue and that there will be a real crying to God among His people here.

During the second week of July we held our annual winter Holiday Bible Club, the ‘Barnyard Bible Club.’ We were delighted to see an increased attendance again this year, over 30 children attended during the week. The lessons were based on ‘farmers called by God,’ we considered the call of Gideon, David and Elijah. Some of the children came from unsaved homes, do pray that the Word of God will penetrate deep into their young hearts and that fruit will follow these meetings. We were also thankful to have some new volunteers helping us.

Philip continues to conduct some private Bible Studies at home, and also is conducting a weekly evangelistic Bible Study in the home of Eileen, one of our members. Over recent months three ladies have been attending that meeting faithfully. We ask you to pray that the Lord will open their hearts to the gospel. All of them have some religious knowledge, but we long to see them come to Christ alone for salvation. One of these ladies attends Eileen’s home another day in the week for English classes and so has been exposed to Biblical material through that means also.

Adverts recently have been delivered in the housing block where the Bible Study takes place and a number of locals have indicated they are planning to come. Please pray that we see some of these people come along. We have applied to have the hire of a community room owned by the housing association but so far they have refused our request, please pray that this door will open up for us.

Most Saturdays a small group from the congregation engage in outreach in the city centre. For the past year we have had issues with the local council in relation to permits. We currently have a permit for literature distribution and are thankful this has been granted to us. The council have refused us permission to have a literature table or signage, we are looking to the Lord that despite these hindrances that we can have an effective witness in the city centre.

Prayer requests
- For a young man in prison that Philip is planning to visit. Gospel literature has been sent to him.
- For a local Turkish lady who has been supplied with a gospel of John after coming to the church for help.
- For the hire of a Community Room for our weekly evangelistic outreach
- The conversion and growth in grace in the lives of our children and youth
- Preparation for Youth Camp in December
- For new doors of opportunity to open to us, including openings on radio
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