...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we look back over the first six months of the year, we thank God for giving us many opportunities to hold Gospel missions, and speak to unsaved people, on the doorstep, of their need of Christ. In January we commenced our meetings for the year in the town of Rathfriland. These meetings were held in the local High School and were very well attended, with a number of unsaved coming along to hear the Word of God.

Following this we went to the village of Killylea just outside Armagh. The local Silver band kindly made their hall, which is situated in the centre of the village, available for the mission. These meetings were a real blessing to all who attended, and we felt the presence of the Lord as we sought to lift up Christ to the people night by night.

From the quiet village of Killylea we then went to South Belfast to hold a gospel mission in Tyndale Memorial Church. As with all of our missions we preceded the preaching with a week of door-to-door evangelism.

As we engaged with the people of the area, on the doors, we observed how the community is changing. There are many foreign nationals from different parts of the world living in and around the village. Whilst doing outreach I met with a young Roman Catholic man from France and had a great conversation with him and invited him along to the mission. He attended at least three times and spoke about his joy of hearing the gospel message. We trust that the Spirit of God will work in his heart and bring him unto Himself. Many students attended these meetings and we leave the end result of the preaching with the Lord.

During April I conducted some outreach visitation for our Ballygowan congregation around their local area for a gospel mission they were holding in their church.

Next I went to Donaghadee to give out tracts and invitations for the church in that community. In both of these outreaches we had opportunity to share the gospel with a number of people; do pray the seed that was sown will bear fruit in the days ahead.

In the month of May we were off to Garvagh to hold a gospel mission in a community hall in the centre of the town. These meetings were well attended by God’s people, and we were delighted that a few unsaved from the area did come along to hear of the gospel of Christ.

In June, Rev. David Smith and I held a gospel mission in a portable hall in the village of Loughbrickland. The meetings were very well attended, and the presence of God was very evident night by night. We decided to run the meetings for four extra nights. We thank God that a great testimony was raised for Christ in this village and many people testified to the blessing that the mission had been to their hearts.

During the Loughbrickland mission I was also engaged in five-day club meetings for Mourne FPC in a local housing development. It was good to be able to bring the gospel to the boys and girls.

At the end of June it was off to the Isle of Man to preach and to do visitation for the little work there in Port Erin. Outreach work was carried out in Castletown, which is a few miles from Port Erin. The spirit of ungodliness is certainly great on the island with many professing to be atheists as we sought to engage with them in the door to door work. Pray for that little group of believers that the Lord will give the increase in the days ahead.

During July and August we will be participating in Holiday Bible Clubs, outdoor five-day clubs and children’s missions.

We would like to thank you most sincerely for your continued support both prayerfully and financially as we seek to serve the Lord in the preaching of the gospel of Christ. Without your support this would not be possible.
The first half of this year has been a different six months for me after stepping aside from the management of the Academy. But, the work of the Academy goes on under new management and still needs your earnest prayers and support. They are now halfway through another school year and are encouraged by the response in the primary department, but the Secondary School still presents many challenges due to lower enrolment. Please do remember them in prayer and with your support. They will be presenting Primary and Secondary classes for National Exams in November. The Academy still presents daily opportunities in the lives of many children and youth. It has been very encouraging to hear reports of six upper primary students seeking help after the Student Lord’s day Service, in order to be saved!

The Annual Sunday School programs of examinations, parent’s meetings and prize-giving were held in March and April. Again, we thank the Lord’s for the ministry amongst the boys and girls in Pokot, Trans Nzoea and Kakamega counties of Kenya. It is encouraging to know that over 1000 boys and girls are taught the word of God, every Lord’s day in these Sunday Schools. I would ask for special prayer for Eunice, one of the BCFC Sunday School teachers, who has had surgery for oesophageal cancer.

During the past weeks I have been able to work on the School Sunday visual aid project. The third year has now been printed and the remaining four years is at the editing stage. I value your continued prayers that in His will this project will be finalised soon and be used of the Lord in the ministry amongst the children.

The development of the work in Western Kenya is encouraging. Do pray for the ongoing ministries of Pastor Andrew and Patrice. As well as Pastoral work they are involved in weekly evangelism and book tables. Remember also Josephine as she works in the bookshop in Kakamega and God-willing, one of our young people, who has commenced a book table in Kitale town. The Pattersons, along with a team of believers, which included university students, had a very successful time at Kakamega Agricultural Show when thousands of tracts where distributed. The gospel is now being preached weekly over the air waves on 3 radio stations. One plants, another waters but God gives the increase. Pray much that God will give the increase when many souls will be born of God.

Personally, I value prayer for my planned retirement in 2020, God-willing. My heart is greatly burdened that God will raise up other labourers, particularly to work amongst the boys and girls in the Sunday School work. There is a great need for a coordinator for this ministry.

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.
Greetings from Perth. Thank you for upholding the work here in prayer. In April the congregation celebrated 10 years in the present building. Though the congregation has been operating much longer than that, we were glad to mark 10 years in the building in Padbury. Rev. Ralph Hall joined us for a special Bible Conference, and we were richly blessed through his ministry.

Ladies Fellowship
Cherith continues to conduct a monthly ladies Bible Study, they have been learning about the ‘names of God.’ These meetings have been an encouragement to those who have been attending.

Wandana Bible Study
Each Thursday Philip conducts an evangelistic Bible Study in a Public Housing unit close to the city centre. There have been a number of challenges with this work, but we are thankful that the door remains open and there are still some who attend week by week. Some of those who attend are believers but are in need of teaching, some are not yet converted. Please pray that we will see new people attending and that the Lord will intervene in saving precious souls.

Children’s Work
In the month of July we are having our annual Holiday Bible Club. In the past few years we have had some new children attend the Bible Club. We ask you to pray that we will again make new contacts, and some of those who come will attend our weekly Children’s Bible Club. We are thankful for those children who come each Friday evening but we would love to see more joining us. The Sunday School is still going well, it is encouraging to see an increasing knowledge in the things of the Lord among the young.

Youth Meetings
Our youth meeting has an average attendance of around 12. Some of our young people face great pressure and loneliness in public schools, it is our prayer that God’s Word will sustain them.

We are beginning to plan for our youth camp in December. God willing Matthew and Leanne Higgins will be here to assist with the camp.

Prison Ministry
For over a year Philip has been visiting John (name deliberately changed) in one of the local prisons. We are thankful that he is very soft towards the gospel at the present time. John is due to be released from prison in August, and we ask you to pray that he will be truly converted before his release, and that he will be preserved from returning to a life of addiction on release.

City Centre Outreach
We continue to visit the city centre most Saturday mornings to give out tracts. While the local council have placed many restrictions upon us, we have been able to witness to teenagers using the ‘Good Person Test’ and other similar material. We ask you to pray that the Lord will make this witness effective for His glory.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. We long to see the Lord pour out His Spirit in power upon all the endeavours in the gospel here.

Isaiah 44:3 “For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground.”
Going to church on the Lord’s Day is always very special, as we gather with God’s people to worship Him. June 9th 2019 was even more special, because my mother, Antonia, was received into the membership of our congregation after making public profession of faith.

In 2010 my mother, who was a committed Roman Catholic, started to attend our church services. Over the next few years she continued to attend but struggled with the traditions of the Roman Catholic church.

One day, as I was visiting in my parents’ house, I saw my mother with a candle lit up in front of a picture of, supposedly, the Virgin Mary. I talked to her about the emptiness of such an act. She stopped lighting up candles for a time, but then she started that practice again after some months. From time to time we had conversations about spiritual matters and about salvation, but her eyes were still blind to the Gospel. Years passed by and we did not see any specific external signs that the Lord was dealing with her heart. I felt I was losing hope with her, but the Lord had not yet finished with her.

When we did not expect it at all, my mother talked to Rev John Hanna about her desire to make profession of faith to participate of the Lord’s Table. This was last year in 2018. Rev John Hanna asked her clearly if she was resting on the Lord Jesus Christ alone for her salvation. She confessed that she was trusting on the Lord and He is her only Saviour. Then, Rev Hanna started a discipleship course with her in view of her future public profession of faith.

Then, on June 9th she did make that public profession of faith. This has been a great encouragement for our congregation here in Alcorcon, and especially for me. I would ask you to pray for her, that the Lord will continue to bless her so that she will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Pray also for my other family members, so that God’s covenant of grace will also reach them for the salvation of their souls.
The July 2019 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition includes an article on our first wedding in Uganda, and the setting aside service for Christina Logan. There are reports from Kenya and all of our Home Missionaries.

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