...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
The team of ten from various local churches set off on 31st July en route to Kenya. The purpose of the trip was to carry out painting work on the school in Kapenguria. For eight of the group it was their first time in Africa. Having heard so much about the work in Kenya from various deputation meetings, viewing photos and videos, it was nothing in comparison to seeing the work firsthand. The insight into the country, the lifestyle and witnessing the work of the Lord there was an experience that will not be forgotten.

On arrival at the school a special welcome was extended to the visitors from Northern Ireland. We were given a tour of each class and then enjoyed the end of term assembly. The following day, with the pupils now on holiday, the painting work commenced. A vast area was covered, including the front gate and entrance, the reception area, three classrooms, the large dining hall, dormitories, as well as exterior painting. The industrious team certainly made a tremendous effort and covered much more work than was first anticipated, using up 65 gallons of paint in the process and plenty of white spirit too! A group of ten Kenyan young people, and some teachers from the school joined in the work; some of them had never held a paintbrush before but they quickly adapted and enjoyed learning their new skill.

During the trip the group visited some of the Bible Christian Faith Churches in Kitale, Makutano, Siyoi, Kacheliba, Ortum, Karenger and Bendera. Some of these works were in remote locations but the journey was worthwhile as it proved a blessing to fellowship with God’s people.

Thanks must be recorded to those who supported the trip not only prayerfully but also practically, including those who supplied tools and equipment which greatly assisted the project. Click here to view more photos of the trip.

Pray that all involved in the work in Kenya will be encouraged and strengthened by our visit, and that the Lord will use the efforts of the group to His glory.
It has been a pretty busy summer with numerous visits to Dublin for open air preaching and to the Knock Shrine for literature evangelism. Despite carefully laid plans, I didn’t make it to Galway this year during the horse racing week, as I was required to stand in as the emergency evangelist in Bethel FPC due to a bereavement.

I enjoyed the opportunity to witness at the Ploughing Championships, despite Storm Ali’s interruptions. A new, if ultimately temporary, opportunity has arisen to take the school assembly once a month in Aughnacloy Primary School.

Thank you again for your prayers and ongoing support.
The September 2018 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition includes details of Rev & Mrs Patterson returning to Kenya, and Rev & Mrs Baxter going to Liberia, and Dave and Rachel McAuley travelling to Kenya for a short time. We also include details about the school sponsorship in Uganda and the Missionary Weekend. 

Click Here to view the magazine.
Over the summer months many children have been reached with the gospel and it has been encouraging to see some trust the Lord. The Lord has blessed the ministry of His Word in answer to prayer.

The first week in July l was in Derrybeg housing estate in Newry again this year where we had a very enthusiastic group of children. With 18 in attendance they were a little hard to handle on occasions but it when it came to the time for the Bible lesson they sat and listened.

HBCs where held in Mission Halls, Community Centres and Churches and attendance varied from place to place. One church where we held a HBC was greatly encouraged by the number of new children who attended and the interest shown by parents to know when the weekly meeting started.

Again, this year l taught at Sandown Camp where we had a great week with the children. It was wonderful to see a wee boy trust the lord. On the Thursday evening we had a time of testimony and he was first on his feet and said, “the best thing that happened to me at camp this week was l got saved, and all of you need to do that as well”.

The United Children’s Camp was held in Larne again this year and what a great week we had with the children. It has been most encouraging to receive feedback from parents whose children have really enjoyed camp. One wee boy told his dad that as result of camp he has a closer walk with God. What a thrill it is to hear this news.

Thank you for prayers for the Outreach over the summer and do please continue to pray as the work goes on in the months ahead.

I have Bible Clubs arranged in schools at Cortamlet, Mullaglass and Mountnorris and I am waiting to hear from others. Do please pray that new schools will open up. As well as these meetings l have weekly meetings and school assemblies to speak at.

Thanks again for all you support in the Lord’s work.
A special Bible teaching conference was held on Saturday 18th August 2018 at the Nyaporo Church premises. The main purpose of the conference was to strengthen the family life of the members of the congregation in order to realise a healthy church in the future. If a family lives in the fear of God, the possibility for minimal problems in the local church are high.

Looking back we thank God for his blessing and a successful conference. With the attendance of over forty adults and a sizable number of children in attendance, this was overwhelming and beyond our expectations. The presence of Rev. Malcolm and his wife Alison was an immense blessing and encouragement to us. Rev. and Mrs Patterson had a table of tracts which they distributed to those who attended.

Prior to the event, Pastor Andrew Chepto and I with the help of Benson and Wycliffe went out on 17th for evangelism. This gave us opportunity to reach out to many families welcoming them for the event.

On the material day, we had Benson leading, with Peter taking the general oversight role. With a developing theme on "A Healthy Family a Healthy Church", I spoke in the first session from Ephesians 5:22-26 about "The Individual Roles of the Members of the Family". Pastor Andrew spoke next from Acts 20:28 on "The Church of Christ". He emphasized “What is a Church and the diligent use of the means of grace that the Lord instituted for His Church”. In the afternoon I spoke from Job 1:1-5 about "The Lessons from the Life of Job as a pious Family Man".

As we plan and look to the future we hope to have a more organised event next time and prepare enough food for all the participants rather than just snacks and a drink.

We hope to organise a youth conference in the near future.

On Monday of 20th August, Benson and I went for visitation/evangelism. In one home which we visited it was good to hear of how the man of the family and wife, had had a discussion on how they could now apply the teachings.

Another lady whom we visited on the follow-up (she doesn't attend church) was worried of her husband carrying tracts back home, thinking that it was from Jehovah’s Witnesses. This to us was a sign that the teachings, by the grace of God were bearing fruits. It is therefore needful that we keep on praying that God through His Spirit will press those teachings to the hearts of His people and that they may apply to their own family and Church life.

Evangelist: Pastor Patrice Akali
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