...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
It was a pleasure to meet up with Chris Killen as he took possession of a new car to assist him in his work. Chris travels many thousands of miles each year, with very regular trips to the home in Dublin, as he works among the addicted. Chris has struggled with his old car for some time and it was becoming less and less reliable for such long journeys. Click Here to see picture.

On behalf of Chris, we would thank those supporters, who became aware of this issue, and gave generous gifts to allow this new car to be purchased. Chris is absolutely delighted to now have this car and has asked that we pass on his appreciation, as he continues to serve the Lord in this important area.
Thanks to everyone who gave so generously to the vehicle appeal which was launched only a few weeks ago. The Lord has touched hearts for this cause, and we can now report that we have exceeded the target which was set for this project.

Those involved are now seeking to source a suitable vehicle and we trust that it will be purchased and on the roads very soon, to help the workers on Nepal.
It was with great sadness that we learnt today about the death of Dr Alan Cairns. He was a unique and supremely gifted servant of Christ whose ministry impacted every aspect of our Free Presbyterian Church at home and abroad. He was a Pastor, Preacher, Church-Planter, Evangelist, Bible Teacher, Theologian, and a man with a huge heart for missionary work and endeavour. At every initial stage of missionary development of the church Dr Cairns contributed immensely.

Though greatly loved and respected throughout our churches we know that it will be in his own home and within his own family where he will be missed the most. On behalf of our Mission Board and Missionary Council we want to extend our Christian condolences to his dear wife Joan, his son Frank and family.

What a spiritual legacy he has left for us in the Free Presbyterian Church. A prophet, in the Biblical sense of the word, has been taken from us but his works do follow him.

Job 1 v 21 the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.

Rev. I Harris
Chairman of the FPC Mission Board

Rev. D Park
Chairman of the FPC Missionary Council
It is hard to believe that three years have passed by since I went to serve the Lord in Uganda. We thank the Lord for all He has done and for giving us the opportunity to serve Him in there.

In the last few weeks, we were able to complete many of the different things that we were involved in, before getting on the plane towards home. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we needed to get a repatriation flight, but we are thankful that all went smoothly and we even landed a little bit ahead of schedule. Whilst stopping in the Netherlands Hannah was able to spend time with family and both of us enjoyed the break. Having arrived in Northern Ireland last week we are now in quarantine and once that is completed, we will be exited to meet and greet all of you when the opportunity arises.

Our deputation meetings have just started, we are looking forward to telling you all about what the Lord has being doing in Uganda. As well as that, in around two months we trust we will have a new addition to the family and a future little helper for the work in Uganda. 

Click Here to see a short clip with the highlights from our video. 

We would appreciate your prayers and continued support at this time. And we thank all of you again who have helped us recently and or over the past three years. We look forward to seeing you all and having fellowship with you all, soon!
The Missionary Council have launched a new appeal to raise funds to provide a small four wheel drive vehicle for the workers in Nepal. With over 100 churches across that land, the Moderator and leaders of the church travel over the mountainous and difficult terrain to visit the congregations. Most of these journeys are taken on motorbike, travelling for hours on bumpy roads, exposing the traveller to danger on the roads and fatigue from the journey.

Click here for more details of the project and to download a flyer

We would urge you to pray for this project, and practically support the appeal with a donation, as the Lord enables.
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