...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
Dear Praying Friends and Co-Labourers, it is with much gratitude that I write this final prayer letter to each of you who have so graciously and faithfully followed the work of the Lord in Kenya with your prayers and support during the past 12 years of my service there. How vital your ministry has been. Many has been the time that the words of a song came fresh to my heart, “across the miles there’s someone praying for me; across the miles there’s someone on their knees, lifting my name to the Lord above.” And it has made a difference. Especially the past term in a new area with its many challenges and opportunities.

How grateful I am for the Lord’s leading to the work in Western Kenya. How thrilling it was for me to see the hand of the Lord at work, guiding in every decision, helping in every need. I continually felt my own inadequacy and helplessness, and He continually proved His ability and grace. And hasn’t He just promised that in His Word? I would ask that you continue to pray. Pray for the national workers there – Josephine in the bookshop, Pastors Patrice and Andrew ministering the word of God. Pray for the increasing number of young people coming out for Bible Study. Pray for a building up of the church of God and a reaching out to lost sinners in need of a Saviour. Pray for Malcolm and Alison Patterson as they oversee the work. Continue to pray for Margaret also, and the work in West Pokot, many dear saints of the Lord and needy sinners there as well. Pray for more labourers to be sent forth into the harvest field. He is able to do “much more.” Recently I read a quote that greatly spoke to my own heart: “How many times has not God frustrated the fears, but surpassed the hopes of His people!” “This God is our God for ever and ever.”

I am also very grateful for the privilege of fellowshipping with many of you during times of deputation, and look forward to unending fellowship that blessed Day when we are with our Lord forever.

Thank you, too, for your prayers and sympathy during my father’s home-going in June. How blessed we are to know he is with his Lord! Thank you for your prayers for me as I care for my mother and sister and seek to serve the Lord in our Orlando congregation. Even though I am physically unable to be in Kenya, my heart will always be there amongst those precious souls. Perhaps God will direct one of you to “go for Him.”

Every blessing in our dear Saviour,
Kathy Walker
The January 2019 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition includes an article on Rev John Hanna, and an update on the Liberia radio challenges. Also included, are reports from David and Rachel McAuley in Kenya, Rev & Mrs Baxter on their return from Liberia, and Noel Shields on passing his first year as a home evangelist.

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Thank you for your prayers for me over the past seven months as I have engaged in deputation work in our churches in North America and the UK. I spent seven weeks in North America in July and August, visiting 10 of our churches, attending the FPC International Congress, and helping out at our Youth Camp in Pennsylvania. I then crossed the Atlantic to the UK and carried out 78 meetings, mostly in Northern Ireland, with a few in the Republic of Ireland and England as well. Most of those were deputation meetings, but there were also a few children’s meetings, women’s meetings, school assemblies, and reports at missionary conferences. In all of these, I have been very encouraged by the prayers of the saints, their interest in God’s work in Liberia, and their financial support which enables me to now return for another term of work. Click here to watch the video which I’ve been showing in our churches during the deputation meetings. For those who saw it in the USA, I’ve added to the video since my arrival in Ulster.

Nathan and Abraham, two young men from the church in Paynesville, have continued with the children’s work during my absence. The Mission Board kindly sent out Rev. and Mrs. Maurice Baxter for three months to assist especially with teaching the children, although they also helped out in many other ways. Their visit was a great encouragement to Mr. DiCanio and the believers in Paynesville.

There have been ups and downs in the Radio Station ministry over the past few months. Many of you heard of the lightning strike at our compound on October 29th, which inflicted about 8000 USD of damage to various pieces of equipment, mostly in the Radio Station. Although we were off the air completely for 3 weeks, and operating at reduced power for a further month, we thank God that the main transmitter has now been repaired. A few other pieces of equipment still need to be fixed or replaced so please pray that this would be possible in the near future. We praise God that the station is now broadcasting 24 hours a day, something which was made possible by a donor from the USA. Also, in order to run 24/7, a second transmitter was needed since one transmitter cannot run continuously. The same donor gave toward this also, and we decided it should be a larger transmitter so that the signal will go further during the day. This new transmitter has arrived in Monrovia and hopefully will be installed soon. We praise the Lord for these developments and are encouraged that new visitors are still coming into the Paynesville church through the radio ministry.

Please continue to pray for the Christian bookstore in Paynesville, which has struggled over the past few years due to challenges with getting books into the country, constant problems with the electrical supply, and a depressed economy in Liberia in general. Pray also regarding the need for a second vehicle for missionary use, so that Mr. DiCanio and I will be able to travel in different directions each day to fulfil our various responsibilities.

My Sending Forth Service will be held in Ballymena FPC on Friday 8th Feb, and I plan to return to Liberia on 6th March, Lord willing. I do value your prayers for the leave-taking, travelling, and settling back into life and work in Liberia.
Dear Praying Friends, greetings in our Saviour’s precious name, I trust and pray that you will all have a blessed 2019 and will know much of the hand of God in your labours for the Master.

2019 has just started but I have been very busy with the English language school. I had government inspectors come to visit the language institute at the beginning of the year. Some new furniture had to be purchased and posters made for the occasion. It was a very nerve racking situation, as I wasn’t sure what they would be looking for but I did need them to pass it to be able to renew my visa which was due to expire on the 11th January!!!

Thankfully God answered prayers and the institute passed the inspection. This meant that I could look for a one year business visa, which was granted on the 9th January. Nothing like cutting it close!!! I thank and praise God for His goodness regarding these two things.

There are lots of colds and flus at the moment, pray for God’s hand to be upon the people and myself.

Thank you for your prayers for me these past months, it is settling to know that I’m here for at least another year and that the language institute is legally authorised. Pray for more students to enrol in the language institute.

Continue to pray for help with learning the Nepali language. Sometimes I feel like I’m moving backwards instead of forward!
Every blessing for 2019
I would like to first of all thank everyone who has supported me over the past year, both prayerfully and financially, as I began my work for the Lord amongst the boys and girls in Northern Ireland. Looking back to January the journey before me seemed quite daunting, however I can say that the Lord has given me help and has been very gracious to me over the past year, to which I am very grateful.

I have had the privilege over the past year to travel all around the country, and into the south of Ireland, to share with the congregations the work I hope to do amongst the children. I am around two thirds of the way through my deputation meetings and it has been a real encouragement personally for me to hear fellow believers praying for the children in their own congregations and communities, and also to meet those who are burdened for the children’s work. My hope for these deputation meetings is not only that people will support me in the work, but that there will be a renewed vigour in each congregation for this important part of God’s harvest field.

I have had the opportunity over the past year, especially during the summer months, to take part in several Children’s Missions and Holiday Bible Clubs. I was asked to take six missions over the summer and into the autumn period, in Kesh, Rasharkin, Mullaglass, Omagh, Ballynahinch and Londonderry. There were certainly plenty of miles put on the car! However, it was all worth it, as many boys and girls, from the youngest to the oldest, were reached with the good news of the Gospel. I am grateful to the Lord for every opportunity that was given over those summer months to speak a work for Him, and it is a comfort to know that His word will not return unto Him void (Isaiah 55.11).

I would like to share with you, for your encouragement, how the Lord worked especially in the Church in Londonderry. The children’s work in Londonderry had been small, and the past summer was the first time in a while that there had been a Holiday Bible Club. However, the Lord truly worked in the hearts of both the children and their parents, and there were over 50 children on the register for that week. I know it was a real encouragement to me and to the congregation of Londonderry, and showed to me, and hopefully to you as well, that the Lord can build up a work from very small beginnings. It certainly taught me to not despise the day of small things (Zechariah 4.10).

I was also able to get into a couple of primary schools during their first term, which was a great chance to reach children who may never come out to a church meeting with the Gospel. I was able to take an assembly in my old primary school in Rasharkin and then take a SU meeting in Garryduff PS. My prayer is that there will be more openings into both these schools, and into others, especially for the moment around the Antrim/North Antrim area.

Prayer Requests;
• Continued help with the remaining deputation meetings
• Sufficient funds raised to enable me to commence my work under the Mission Board to reach the boys and girls with the Gospel
• Help and guidance for Children’s Meetings/Missions booked for the incoming year
• More openings into schools for assemblies, SU meetings and after school clubs

I would thank you all again for your continued prayers and support over the past year. Hopefully 2019 will be a year where we can say that ‘the LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.’ (Psalm 126.3).
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