...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
After our ministers week of prayer it was good to begin the New Year with a gospel mission in the town of Rathfriland. The High School was kindly made available to us and after a week of outreach, the meetings began on Sunday 20th January and ran for two weeks.

The meetings were very well attended. We were greatly encouraged by the support of God’s people from that area night by night. During the course of the mission a number of unsaved came in to hear the Word of God. The mission was a real blessing, and we trust the Lord will bless His Word even yet to the salvation of souls.

After the Rathfriland mission it was off to the village of Killylea which lies on the outskirts of the city of Armagh. The local Silver band kindly granted the use of their hall for the mission. With the location of the hall right in the centre of the village it was good to be able to raise our voice and proclaim the message of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The village and surrounding areas were visited during the outreach work. We are thankful to those men from our Armagh congregation who helped with the outreach in the villages of Tynan and Caledon. The Lord did not disappoint us and during the two week gospel mission there were a number of unsaved in attendance including a Roman Catholic. Again we are deeply appreciative of the support we received from God’s people from the area. The meetings were very well attended night by night as the gospel was presented. We trust that now the voice of man is silent in that area, the Spirit of God will work on in the hearts of the unsaved who heard the way of salvation either on their doorstep or in the mission and bring them to saving faith in Christ.

At the beginning of March we had the privilege of holding a gospel mission in our Tyndale church in the city of Belfast. Many homes were visited with an invitation to the meetings. As we sought to bring the light of the gospel to the people of this area some good contacts were made during the door to door work and opportunity given to tell of the need of Christ as Saviour.
A young man from France whom we met on the outreach work attended the meetings a number of times. May the Lord open his eyes to the truth of the gospel?

We are very grateful to the minister, session and committee of Tyndale FPC for the use of their building and also to the congregation for their support and prayers night by night. The mission was a real blessing to the hearts of God’s people and only eternity will reveal the true results of these meetings.

Thank you once again for all of your support both prayerfully and financially, without it we would not have been able to present the gospel of saving grace to so many people. Thank you for making this possible.
We have just finished the two week mission in Derrygonnelly on the Fermanagh/Donegal border. Although there was no evident break in the meetings, yet we had unsaved in some nights. The three evangelists, Rev. Larry Power, Pastor Alvin Mullan and I were really encouraged. We had good support from neighbouring Free Presbyterian congregations and other Evangelical churches in the area. The local area was well canvassed, right down to Belleek on the border itself. We believe that God's people were greatly encouraged and strengthened through the efforts made. The good seed has been sown and we trust God to use it for His glory.

This week, my work involves door to door outreach for the Clogher Valley FPC mission in Claremore Hall, near Clogher in Co. Tyrone (31st March - 12th April) when Rev. William McCrea will be the evangelist.

As ever, I deeply appreciate your prayers and support.
School started again on the 4th of February and it was nice to see all the children and teachers return after a two month break. Although a bit of peace and quiet was good, it is nice to see the place buzzing with activity again.

The holiday time didn’t mean we were any less busy however. There were still ongoing projects that needed finished. Over the last few months I have been working mainly on Noreen’s apartment. Plastering and painting the walls, first and second fix electrics, windows, tin roof ceiling, the bathroom, and in the last two weeks also the kitchen which finally arrived after being a few months late. Over the last few days I fitted the doors and finished the final touches which included things like the curtains, installing the cooker and finishing window sills etc. Noreen has now moved into the apartment and is settling in nicely.

In part of March and April, I will take over the preaching for the Sunday morning services, as the Millers will go on leave, so I would appreciate your prayers as take those services.

After that, we are looking forward to starting our language learning. We will probably go to Uganda’s capital city Kampala for about two weeks to do a beginner’s course in Luganda. After that we hope to continue learning the language through self-study, and then take lessons here at the school as we progress.

Recently we had some visitors with the Rev. Park, Wesley McAuley and Hugh McClenaghan visiting for a short period of time from our Ballymoney church. We very much enjoyed the fellowship and were encouraged by their visit. After that Mr Ben Pape from our Newtownards church came for about ten days to help with installing a heavy duty homemade 6inch guttering system. This was a great help and we were extremely pleased that more was accomplished than expected. Now we have the ability to collect tens of thousands of litres of water. At times the rain can be extremely heavy here and the previous guttering just buckled under the pressure. We are thankful that now much more rainwater will be harvested, as the school uses more than 40,000 litres of water every single week.

Having updated the guttering there was a great need to build a rainwater overflow tank next to the school garden project. We have learned a lot from the first season of planting here at Emmanuel. One of the harder lessons we learnt was that due to a lack of rain, we needed to cart water to the crops.

This was, however, just too big a task due to the distances involved and sadly some crops suffered due to the lack of irrigation, but now with the tank built we hope that when it does rain, we can hold water for the drier spells of weather.

During the holiday we were able to harvest some cucumbers and last Saturday, and we harvested lots of carrots with the help of the children. It was great to see them excited about the fruit of their labour and they very much enjoyed munching on the carrots. The pictures in the Gallery show just a fraction of the carrots harvested and many more are due in the next few weeks. In a few weeks the next planting season will start so ground preparation is already under way. We hope that there will be even more for the children to enjoy as we adapt to the lessons learned.

Over Christmas we got a few days off which was nice. On Christmas Day we had a service, which many from the community attended. After that a meal was prepared for the staff and their children who live on site. The meal was followed by games which everyone enjoyed.

On January 1st the Miller’s and ourselves took the remaining children that didn’t get home over the holidays to a crocodile farm. It was a great day out for us and for the children as well.

We want to thank you for your continued support and prayers.
A few things to remember in prayer:
- Health and strength
- Language learning
- Unsaved children and staff
Since the beginning of January, I have had the opportunity to hold Bible Club meetings in eight schools. A couple of these have been new openings. Some of the meetings were held during the school day which meant that I was able to speak to all of the children. The others were held after school where the attendance varied from school to school. In some schools I had P1-3 from 3 to 4pm, and then P4-7 after school. It is disappointing to see fewer P7 children attend the meetings after school this is mainly because they feel that they are too old even though they were happy to come when in P6.

It was a joy to be back in the School at Darkley. I was given half an hour in each class and it was great to see the enthusiasm of the children who would not be used to being in Bible Club meetings. The teacher sat in the meetings as well, so it was a wonderful opportunity to present the Gospel to pupils and teacher. It is very encouraging to have the support of Christian principals and teachers in the schools that I go to.

As well as the meeting in the School l have had opportunity to speak at weekly children's meetings and School assemblies. It has been encouraging to see a few children trust the Lord.

I do want to thank you all for your prayerful and financial support for the work amongst the children and ask that you would continue to pray. Your support is deeply appreciated.

I am waiting on confirmation regarding meetings in April; then in May I will be with Mullaglass for the usual three outdoor meetings in Whitecross, Newry and Bessbrook. In June I will be back to Loughgall school for a week.

Please pray that the doors into the schools will remain open as there are those who have objected that there is too much Bible teaching in school.
The March 2019 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition includes an article on Miss McAfee’s Sending Forth Service, Reports from Patrice Akali and Andrew Chepto, new workers in Kenya; and Angel Alvarez and Rev Lyle Boyd in Spain. Also included is an update from the work in Australia.

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