...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
Thanks for your continued prayers for us in God’s work in Liberia. We are not quite sure of the status of Covid-19 in the country, because it does not seem that much testing is being done. However, we thank God that we have not seen the numbers of serious or fatal cases that have occurred in other nations.

We continue to hold two church services each Sunday, with half the congregation attending each one and following social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines. Due to the radio station ministry, visitors have continued to come all through this year, on an average of 2-3 new people each week. Some have come back, and a few have started attending regularly, for which we thank God. We have now outgrown the building where we’ve been meeting for the past 8 years, so please pray for God’s leading in how to meet this (good) challenge!

Because of the altered schedule on Sundays, Sunday school classes are still not possible, but I meet with the children each Friday for Bible Club and also on Thursdays for Reading Club. Please pray for true conversions among the children. There have been some encouraging signs recently of God’s Spirit at work, for which we thank the Lord.

National senatorial elections are coming up in early December, and we would appreciate your prayers for peace and security during this election season.
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