...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
On 21st May a container from Northern Ireland set sail for Mombasa Port, Kenya. This container was sent by Revival Movement Association and in it were boxes of gospel literature for the use of many in Kenya. On that container were 111 boxes for the use of FPMSA. 37 boxes from Revival Movement, 66 from Mission Board and 8 containing Sunday School Materials for Miss Russell.

The container arrived safely in Mombasa and after passing through customs was transported by road to Nairobi where there is a depot for gospel literature in Diguna, which is located near the Nairobi National Park.

When we were notified in August that the consignment had arrived in Diguna we visited the Diguna warehouse in Nairobi to ensure that all the boxes for FPMSA were present and arranged for them to be set out for collection and onward transportation to Kitale.

A firm was booked to do that called Roy's Parcels. Just over a week after visiting Nairobi the lorry arrived at our compound in Kitale with all 111 boxes.

We appreciate the work of Glenda in Mission Office ably assisted by George McConnell for packing and labelling the boxes so clearly for easy identification.

We are very grateful to those who contributed to the 66 boxes sent by Mission Board, some second-hand Bibles, second-hand books and new books and materials produced and purchased by individuals for the pastors in Kenya. Thousands of children's tracts produced by Mission Board were in this consignment also. Pastors struggle to build up a good library of commentaries and study aids so the contents of these boxes are greatly appreciated.

The 8 boxes for Miss Margaret Russell contain the colourful picture books printed in Northern Ireland to accompany the 7-year curriculum of Sunday School Lessons in Swahili produced by Margaret.

In addition, there were 37 boxes from Revival Movement Association that contained colourful tracts which we need for the Agricultural Show in Kitale which takes place earlier this year on 18th-21st September. The books, included in the consignment are printed by RMA, and sent to us at cost price and are mainly for our bookshop in Kakamega, Beulah Christian Literature and the associated Book tables.

Each of these boxes have to be opened, catalogued and priced. Alison, assisted by her neighbour Chloe, have begun the mammoth task. The staff in the bookshop, Josephine and Patrice will have much work to do also. Click Here to see more photos. 

We were waiting impatiently for this container to come as our supply of tracts had depleted as we had the opportunity to share out our tracts on many occasions and with many who are keen to do evangelism.

On the day that we were opening the boxes a pastor from Nairobi was visiting us in Kitale. He has been following the correspondence course which we deliver on Homiletics and he took some bundles of tracts away with him for distribution in his church.

Finally pray for these "paper missionaries" as these tracts and books are circulated in the land of Kenya.

Thank you in the Saviour’s Name.
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