...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
Greetings from Emmanuel Church, Uganda. We are thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness, strength and blessing in the work of the church over the past few months.

The Sunday School has now completed Bible lessons on the earthly life of the Lord Jesus. We are continuing into the Book of Acts and considering the life of Peter. The children are learning the Child’s Catechism and are nearing the end of the 129 questions on the Bible history. They are currently learning Psalm 121 and we hope they will have memorised the whole Psalm by the end of this term. It is encouraging to have some of our young men helping to conduct the Sunday School each week.

The folks who attend the Tuesday evening church prayer meeting are learning some doctrine questions and answers in Luganda. Having learned the answer, we then examine some proof texts from Scripture. This is proving a good way of reinforcing Biblical doctrine, while also giving the missionaries an opportunity to practise speaking in Luganda! Pray that those who attend our church will believe sound doctrine and be able to prove it from Scripture.

We have a faithful group who work with Andrew Foster and myself in the weekly evangelism on Sunday evenings. Again, it is a blessing to see their eagerness to reach their neighbours with the gospel. It is also an opportunity for me to do some pastoral visits to those who attend the church. The Lord has given us many opportunities to present the gospel to those we live among. It is encouraging to see people coming into the church and attending regularly after being contacted in this way. Please continue to pray that many in our local community will receive the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some folks who live nearby have started attending the Sunday evening service. This is very encouraging as our evening service is after dark and almost everyone has to walk. With the older boarders present the numbers in attendance normally exceed sixty. Learning new hymns is a feature of this meeting and the singing always lifts the heart at the end of a busy day. It is also an opportunity for some of our men to gain experience of preaching and testifying. Recently one of our men testified of how the Lord had delivered him and many of his family from worshipping idols at a family shrine. He spoke of the wonder of God’s grace in his life. Pray that our men will grow spiritually as they serve in this way and that God will call some to full-time ministry.

A group from Hebron FPC visited at the end of June. They conducted a Bible club for the children of the school. The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting the visitors and all the activities they organised. We were also joined at the beginning of July by members of the Mission Board who came to review the progress of the work and to conduct the annual general meeting of our organisation in Uganda. We were thankful that all went well during this busy time. On Sunday 7th July the visitors conducted special services for the parents and family members of the school children. About 450 people from the local community attended these meetings and shared in the special lunch provided. Pray that this will strengthen our ties and witness in the local community. Pray also for the many children who professed faith through the witness of the Bible Club. We look to the Lord to keep those that are His as many will encounter difficulty from unsaved family members and friends.

We are very thankful to each one for your prayers and practical support for us. Pray that the Lord will give to us the power of the Holy Spirit. It is always a privilege to serve the Lord in any way and we trust in His grace to use us according to His perfect plan.

This is a Report from Rev Stephen Miller – Missionary to Uganda 2016 - 2019
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