...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
I am thankful for the help I’ve had with the children’s work this summer. Both Jonathan Storey, a first-year student at the Whitefield College of the Bible, and Elizabeth Edwards, a Christian school trainee teacher, travelled from Northern Ireland to Liberia in June to spend some extra time shadowing the missionaries before the Youth Council team arrived on July 22nd.

Jonathan and Elizabeth taught Sunday School classes, taught in the Friday Bible Club, helped out with the weekly Reading Club, helped with preparation for the annual Vacation Bible School (VBS), and sorted and cleaned all the Reading Club books at the church. Elizabeth worked on a few additional projects for me while Jonathan was assisting Mr. DiCanio: tutoring a young man in math, helping with reading lessons, preparing and laminating Sunday School visuals, sorting and assessing used textbooks that have been donated in past years, and accompanying me on visits to a few local schools to learn more about the challenges in the educational system here.

The other six members of the Youth Council team arrived in time to assist with the annual Games Day, which is held on July 26th, Liberian Independence Day. We were thankful for a sunny day in the midst of the rainy season, and the children enjoyed the races and games which were held, although the helpers appeared to be in a state of near-exhaustion at the end of the day!

We also knew the Lord’s help during VBS which was held 29th July to 2nd August. We required the children to register again this year, which really cuts down on a lot of confusion while taking attendance each day. 103 junior children (aged 4-10) and 72 senior children (aged 11-18) registered this year, and attendance was good in spite of heavy rain almost every day!

We were renting a nearby school that had ample space but no ceilings, and the sound of the rain beating on the tin roof made teaching quite a challenge. We were able to set up a loudspeaker system in each room by the middle of the week which helped. The junior children studied the ‘I am’ sayings of Christ, and the seniors studied the Law of God. Click Here to see more photos in the Gallery

Please do pray that these children, many of whom attend the VBS each summer but go to other churches throughout the year (or don’t attend church at all), will remember what they have heard at VBS and that the Word will bear fruit in their hearts. Please also pray that those who do not have a good church will respond to our invitations to attend Sunday School and Bible Club with us.
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