...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
On the 26th July we had an encouraging visit from The Morrow family. Mr Raymond Morrow is a third year student at the Whitefield College of the Bible, and belongs the our Aughnacloy congregation. With a burden for the Roman Catholic people, he was encouraged to come and spend three weeks in Spain and see the work first hand.

Not knowing the Spanish language limited him in what he could do, but he, with his son Rueben, gave out tracts in four different towns, in Cortijos Nuevos where the church is, Beas de Segura where I live, Orcera and Hornos. All were covered with Gospel literature and also some good conversations were had with folk as they sat out on the street enjoying the cool of the evening. He also accompanied me to the book table at the local market in Beas de Segura and Cortijos Nuevos. Raymond also took one of the mid-week meetings and afterwards we all enjoyed a delicious Bar-b-que laid on by the folk who lives in Siles.

July is not the greatest time to visit our area because the heat can be quite suffocating. Some people think it must be wonderful to live in the sun, but when you can’t get to sleep at night because of the heat, it can get quite exhausting. Raymond is a hands-on type, and helped us fix a leak in the shower, repair the back door of the van, and cleaned the inside of the double glazed window between the kitchen and the church which had been steamed up for years. All this work was very much appreciated, and our congregation here in the mountains of Spain will be remembering him in prayer.

Please pray that the Lord will help our brother Morrow with the last year of his Whitefield training and that he will know the Lord’s guiding Hand upon him, to lead him to where he should labour in the future.

Thank you one and all for remembering us here in south eastern Spain. Please continue to pray for us as we continue trying to spread the gospel message in this corner of the Lord’s vineyard, and that we would see the church grow through the salvation of souls and the Christians being built up in their faith.
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