...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
Dear Praying Friends and Co-Labourers, it is with much gratitude that I write this final prayer letter to each of you who have so graciously and faithfully followed the work of the Lord in Kenya with your prayers and support during the past 12 years of my service there. How vital your ministry has been. Many has been the time that the words of a song came fresh to my heart, “across the miles there’s someone praying for me; across the miles there’s someone on their knees, lifting my name to the Lord above.” And it has made a difference. Especially the past term in a new area with its many challenges and opportunities.

How grateful I am for the Lord’s leading to the work in Western Kenya. How thrilling it was for me to see the hand of the Lord at work, guiding in every decision, helping in every need. I continually felt my own inadequacy and helplessness, and He continually proved His ability and grace. And hasn’t He just promised that in His Word? I would ask that you continue to pray. Pray for the national workers there – Josephine in the bookshop, Pastors Patrice and Andrew ministering the word of God. Pray for the increasing number of young people coming out for Bible Study. Pray for a building up of the church of God and a reaching out to lost sinners in need of a Saviour. Pray for Malcolm and Alison Patterson as they oversee the work. Continue to pray for Margaret also, and the work in West Pokot, many dear saints of the Lord and needy sinners there as well. Pray for more labourers to be sent forth into the harvest field. He is able to do “much more.” Recently I read a quote that greatly spoke to my own heart: “How many times has not God frustrated the fears, but surpassed the hopes of His people!” “This God is our God for ever and ever.”

I am also very grateful for the privilege of fellowshipping with many of you during times of deputation, and look forward to unending fellowship that blessed Day when we are with our Lord forever.

Thank you, too, for your prayers and sympathy during my father’s home-going in June. How blessed we are to know he is with his Lord! Thank you for your prayers for me as I care for my mother and sister and seek to serve the Lord in our Orlando congregation. Even though I am physically unable to be in Kenya, my heart will always be there amongst those precious souls. Perhaps God will direct one of you to “go for Him.”

Every blessing in our dear Saviour,
Kathy Walker
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