...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
Greetings from Kakamega! As I write this we’re in our new apartment enjoying the shelter from the tropical thunder and lightning outside. We spent our first week getting orientated in Kitale with the Pattersons and also met up with a couple of local pastors (Andrew and Patrice).

On our first Sunday we were able to visit a church in Bikeke. It is a small church close to Kitale but there is a faithful witness there and it was enjoyable to worship with them and give a word of testimony to them.

During that week in Kitale we had opportunity to visit the BCFC School with Margaret Russell. Well we thought it was just going to be a tour but it turned out that each classroom would sing to us. Then they wanted to hear our voices, so we then greeted each class too. We learned very quickly that you must be ready to speak on demand here…so always be prepared! Later that day we testified to the secondary school students and had a time of prayer with them.

After getting things organised in Kitale we then moved to Kakamega which was about a three hour drive. Here we visited the shop where we would be attending the Bible studies.

In Kakamega I am alongside Patrice and we are getting along well. He is busy with finding opportunities to minister in the Kakamega town area. We were able to set up a book table in town, not necessarily to sell books but to advertise the bookshop (which doubles as a kind of library for folks to study) and to advertise the Bible study. We were encouraged by two new people who came to the study as a result of the book table, so we hope to continue to do that as much as possible.

A door has been opened to go into the university and speak to the students. There are a few believers among them who are keen for Biblical teaching and are seeking to be witnesses on the campus.

If you remember, we asked you to pray about housing for us after the lease on Kathy’s house ran out. Well, we are pleased to say that we have moved into a new apartment about 15mins out of town. So we are thankful to God for the answer to prayer and providing us with this apartment for the remainder of our stay.

Rachel has been in the bookshop and will continue to organise some things there. It is no small task! So, while I’m out and about with Patrice, she will be there with a local lady call Josephine. Then she has me to look after too which is a full time job in itself!

I hope that gives you a bit of an insight into our lives here so far. Things have been busy for us and, Lord willing, that will continue. There have been many encouragements even over our short time here already and we have enjoyed the experience over these three and a half weeks.

We want to thank you again for your prayerful support, we are greatly encouraged to have a faithful people at home who continually seek the Lord on our behalf.

God Bless,
David and Rachel
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