...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
During our first week back in Kitale we were greatly encouraged when a young man, not known to us, arrived at our gate to greet Malcolm and to tell him that he has been listening to the Radio Broadcasts on Imani Radio. During our time back in NI, Malcolm had continued to write the script and produce the radio broadcasts for Imani Radio and MMUST FM.

Translation work continues. Ebby Asiligwa, has continued to translate the Booklets "Behold My Servant", expositions on Mark's gospel by Mrs Foster. When translated we hope to be able to publish all four booklets as one book.

At the end of our first week in Kitale we had some visitors from NI. We were delighted to have the "Painting Party" organised by Rev Ian Kenny before they left to travel home. They seemed to enjoy their time spent at the BCFC Academy painting classrooms and they had many stories to tell!

At the end of our second week in set off for the Church Conference in Nyaporo. This conference had been organised by Patrice and Pastor Andrew Cheptoo. We felt a real sense of God's presence. The literature we placed on the book table was gratefully received.

During our weekend in Kakamega we visited the Beulah Christian Literature Bookshop which is located at the entrance of the Mall, the sign for the shop being visible from the car park. We thank the Lord for leading us to this place, which is in close proximity to the MMUST university. On Tuesday afternoons, a Bible Study is held and students from the university attend it faithfully. Some of them also return during the week to study in the quietness of the bookshop, to purchase items and to talk to the Bookshop staff.

Malcolm was asked by Mission Board to adapt a set of lessons written by Rev Ryan McKee for use in Africa. This "Discipleship Course" is also being translated into Swahili. Mercy, Pastor Andrew's wife is presently undertaking that task.

Malcolm has joined Shadrack and Pastor Andrew Cheptoo and other men from the Bikeke church on outreach in that area. It is encouraging to see more men in that congregation and that they are willing to do evangelism. Bikeke is a district known for its drunkenness and all the associated sins. Do pray much for this place.

Malcolm's Work Permit has finally been issued which is indeed an answer to prayer as it came through quicker than expected. We are also thankful that it has come through as no new work permits are being issued for the present.

This week we are beginning in earnest to prepare for the Agricultural Show Kitale. We live near the showgrounds so that makes it quite convenient for us. Pray for us as we book our spot, hire a tent and prepare an agricultural exhibit. Pray for those who will help us at the Show.

Malcolm continues to produce LTBS broadcasts and Alison has sung some hymns in Swahili for the programmes. We are hoping to develop this work by engaging Kenyan Pastors to testify and preach and church choirs to sing. We have been seeking out more local stations in the area outside Kakamega town to reach a greater area.
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