...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
Monday, January 22 saw the first peaceful, and democratic, transition of power in Liberia since 1944, when George Manneh Weah was sworn into office as the new President of the republic. We are all very thankful that stability and security has been maintained through the whole election process; although the original results were contested, the dispute was settled peaceably in court. Keep praying for wisdom and a God-fearing spirit for the new administration and for the citizens of Liberia.

The radio station ministry has progressed in the last few months also. When I last reported on this website in October, I asked for prayer for funds to keep running the station 18 hours a day. We are really thankful to God for moving the hearts of His people to donate towards the purchase of a smaller FG Wilson generator that might use less fuel but can still run the station and provide a minimum of power for the rest of the compound to operate. The new generator was installed last week and is working well, and we still have the old generator as backup or to run when we need more power. Click Here to see some photos

I’m personally very thankful for your prayers for me over the holiday period as I took care of the station while Mr. DiCanio took a long-overdue vacation. We had a couple of mechanical breakdowns on the compound during his absence, but nothing directly related to the station, and workmen were able to come quite quickly to fix the problems. Mr. DiCanio brought back 10,000 business cards to advertise the station and folks from the church have started taking some each week to share with their friends and neighbours. We are also hoping to go out with the church people in the near future to take a card to every household in the communities within reach of the broadcast – or at least to start the process! This job is bigger than it sounds, because there are no house numbers, few street names, and in many cases no streets connecting the houses. Looking at the communities from Google Maps satellite, it’s quite a maze!

The children’s work has been busy over the last couple of months, with the usual year-end activities culminating with the Children’s Day Program on Christmas Eve. In November, I held a first-aid workshop especially for our children’s workers, although several others from the church attended as well. The young people from the Paynesville church enjoyed a day of swimming and food at Duazon in early December, and on another Saturday we took seven children from the Bible Club on a field trip to the airport. This was a prize for getting the highest points for attendance, behaviour, and memory work; the kids were thrilled to watch a plane landing and to tour the airport fire station, both of which were firsts for all of them!
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