...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
During the summer, we enjoyed frequent evangelism in Dublin (street preaching in O'Connell Street) and also at Knock RC Shrine where there were many conversations and much literature accepted. Other places of outreach included the Horse Racing week at Galway and in Athlone, along with activity in several towns and villages enroute. Our recent effort with the Ploughing Championships team saw outreach in the Marquee (which was flooded on the Wednesday of the outreach, due to heavy rain) and many Bible 2018 calendars given out. Best of all, four souls professed faith. Some of these folk were from the Athlone area and it is hoped to see them at the biweekly meetings in that town.

My autumn plans (DV) include outreach and participation in some gospel missions. The first is organised by Bethel FPC in Lisbellaw and also (still in the planning stages) in Garrison in Co. Fermanagh. It is getting increasingly hard to get unsaved people into meetings, but the work of sowing must go on. It is also planned that I will preach and teach for the month of March 2018 in Uganda while the Millers are home on deputation. My own deputation meetings continue unabated round our various congregations. For 30 years, I have been well supported by the Mission Board and an anniversary dinner has been planned by the Board for Monday, October 30th in Dungannon FPC. It would nice to meet some of our faithful supporters there. Thank you again for your prayer and financial support.
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