...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
The week beginning 15th October marked an important week in our calendar as it was the week of the Agricultural Show in Kitale. On Monday and Tuesday we prepared our exhibits, materials and literature, before transporting everything to the show. Monday and Tuesday afternoon brought torrential rain and we wondered how we would survive at the Show if this was the pattern for the weather for the week.

On Wednesday morning we set up the tables in the tent and in front of the tent we added an arrangement of flowers and this year and some "maridadi" around the table. In the afternoon the weather switched to scorching sunshine. At the end of the first day we decided that we should use a second table in the tent to separate English literature from the Swahili and we also decided to sell Bibles at a reduced price calling it a "Special offer for the Show".

The was a good turnout on the Thursday but Friday was our busiest day, we had hardly time to stop to drink a cup of coffee. Saturday was a family day and again there was a very good attendance.

We were grateful to our Kenyan brethren who assisted us each day, without them we would never have managed, and it was a joy to watch and listen to them sharing the gospel with their own people. Shadrack, a pastor at Bikeke assisted us on Wednesday along with Charles our compound worker who worked mainly outside at the agricultural exhibit but encouraged people to visit the tent. On Thursday Pastor Andrew worked along with us. On Friday, Andrew came again along with Jared from the Bikeke congregation who is very interested in evangelism. Later, on Friday Pastor Patrice arrived from Kakamega and helped us on Friday afternoon and on Saturday as well. Also, on Saturday Stephen Macharia and Joseph Methu from Kitale came to help.

On Saturday afternoon we began to pack up at around three thirty and by seven o'clock everything had been transported back to our compound. In all we sold 23 bibles and distributed approximately 15,000 children's tracts, not counting all the English and Swahili tracts and leaflets. In addition to the tracts we distributed flyers advertising the Book Shops in Kakamega & Kitale, the LTBS radio broadcasts on Imani Radio, Kitale and MMUST FM radio, Kakamega.

We also offered many people “The Farmer's Friend” information leaflet and scriptural message, a tract, a flyer and a children's tract. We, again, offered free literature to Pastors and this time 20 pastors filled in the request form for free literature from Revival Movement Association. Pastor Andrew is going to contact all those who signed our visitors’ book.

Many Sunday School teachers gratefully received the colourful children's tracts for their classes. We also had the pleasure of sending two bags of tracts to Turkana in the northern frontier region of Kenya with two retired missionaries who were going there to attend a conference.

A representative from Rift Valley Radio offered us air time for the LTBS radio programme and we were able to speak for a few minutes live on Imani Radio which had an outside broadcast unit at the Show.

Malcolm was approached by a representative of the “Smart Farmer” Magazine, a national farming magazine in Kenya to write an article for them on the show exhibit.

In conclusion, we had a very profitable time at the show having made many contacts and distributed much literature. We look forward to keeping in contact with these people and where we can to offer spiritual help.

To all those at home who prayed for us, we thank in the Saviour’s name, for we felt that there were those who held on the ropes in prayer as we laboured in the heat and noise of the show. Even the Kenyan brethren were feeling the heat and exhaustion! Click Here to see more photos of the show

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Psa 68:11

Greetings from Kakamega! As I write this we’re in our new apartment enjoying the shelter from the tropical thunder and lightning outside. We spent our first week getting orientated in Kitale with the Pattersons and also met up with a couple of local pastors (Andrew and Patrice).

On our first Sunday we were able to visit a church in Bikeke. It is a small church close to Kitale but there is a faithful witness there and it was enjoyable to worship with them and give a word of testimony to them.

During that week in Kitale we had opportunity to visit the BCFC School with Margaret Russell. Well we thought it was just going to be a tour but it turned out that each classroom would sing to us. Then they wanted to hear our voices, so we then greeted each class too. We learned very quickly that you must be ready to speak on demand here…so always be prepared! Later that day we testified to the secondary school students and had a time of prayer with them.

After getting things organised in Kitale we then moved to Kakamega which was about a three hour drive. Here we visited the shop where we would be attending the Bible studies.

In Kakamega I am alongside Patrice and we are getting along well. He is busy with finding opportunities to minister in the Kakamega town area. We were able to set up a book table in town, not necessarily to sell books but to advertise the bookshop (which doubles as a kind of library for folks to study) and to advertise the Bible study. We were encouraged by two new people who came to the study as a result of the book table, so we hope to continue to do that as much as possible.

A door has been opened to go into the university and speak to the students. There are a few believers among them who are keen for Biblical teaching and are seeking to be witnesses on the campus.

If you remember, we asked you to pray about housing for us after the lease on Kathy’s house ran out. Well, we are pleased to say that we have moved into a new apartment about 15mins out of town. So we are thankful to God for the answer to prayer and providing us with this apartment for the remainder of our stay.

Rachel has been in the bookshop and will continue to organise some things there. It is no small task! So, while I’m out and about with Patrice, she will be there with a local lady call Josephine. Then she has me to look after too which is a full time job in itself!

I hope that gives you a bit of an insight into our lives here so far. Things have been busy for us and, Lord willing, that will continue. There have been many encouragements even over our short time here already and we have enjoyed the experience over these three and a half weeks.

We want to thank you again for your prayerful support, we are greatly encouraged to have a faithful people at home who continually seek the Lord on our behalf.

God Bless,
David and Rachel
During our first week back in Kitale we were greatly encouraged when a young man, not known to us, arrived at our gate to greet Malcolm and to tell him that he has been listening to the Radio Broadcasts on Imani Radio. During our time back in NI, Malcolm had continued to write the script and produce the radio broadcasts for Imani Radio and MMUST FM.

Translation work continues. Ebby Asiligwa, has continued to translate the Booklets "Behold My Servant", expositions on Mark's gospel by Mrs Foster. When translated we hope to be able to publish all four booklets as one book.

At the end of our first week in Kitale we had some visitors from NI. We were delighted to have the "Painting Party" organised by Rev Ian Kenny before they left to travel home. They seemed to enjoy their time spent at the BCFC Academy painting classrooms and they had many stories to tell!

At the end of our second week in set off for the Church Conference in Nyaporo. This conference had been organised by Patrice and Pastor Andrew Cheptoo. We felt a real sense of God's presence. The literature we placed on the book table was gratefully received.

During our weekend in Kakamega we visited the Beulah Christian Literature Bookshop which is located at the entrance of the Mall, the sign for the shop being visible from the car park. We thank the Lord for leading us to this place, which is in close proximity to the MMUST university. On Tuesday afternoons, a Bible Study is held and students from the university attend it faithfully. Some of them also return during the week to study in the quietness of the bookshop, to purchase items and to talk to the Bookshop staff.

Malcolm was asked by Mission Board to adapt a set of lessons written by Rev Ryan McKee for use in Africa. This "Discipleship Course" is also being translated into Swahili. Mercy, Pastor Andrew's wife is presently undertaking that task.

Malcolm has joined Shadrack and Pastor Andrew Cheptoo and other men from the Bikeke church on outreach in that area. It is encouraging to see more men in that congregation and that they are willing to do evangelism. Bikeke is a district known for its drunkenness and all the associated sins. Do pray much for this place.

Malcolm's Work Permit has finally been issued which is indeed an answer to prayer as it came through quicker than expected. We are also thankful that it has come through as no new work permits are being issued for the present.

This week we are beginning in earnest to prepare for the Agricultural Show Kitale. We live near the showgrounds so that makes it quite convenient for us. Pray for us as we book our spot, hire a tent and prepare an agricultural exhibit. Pray for those who will help us at the Show.

Malcolm continues to produce LTBS broadcasts and Alison has sung some hymns in Swahili for the programmes. We are hoping to develop this work by engaging Kenyan Pastors to testify and preach and church choirs to sing. We have been seeking out more local stations in the area outside Kakamega town to reach a greater area.
The team of ten from various local churches set off on 31st July en route to Kenya. The purpose of the trip was to carry out painting work on the school in Kapenguria. For eight of the group it was their first time in Africa. Having heard so much about the work in Kenya from various deputation meetings, viewing photos and videos, it was nothing in comparison to seeing the work firsthand. The insight into the country, the lifestyle and witnessing the work of the Lord there was an experience that will not be forgotten.

On arrival at the school a special welcome was extended to the visitors from Northern Ireland. We were given a tour of each class and then enjoyed the end of term assembly. The following day, with the pupils now on holiday, the painting work commenced. A vast area was covered, including the front gate and entrance, the reception area, three classrooms, the large dining hall, dormitories, as well as exterior painting. The industrious team certainly made a tremendous effort and covered much more work than was first anticipated, using up 65 gallons of paint in the process and plenty of white spirit too! A group of ten Kenyan young people, and some teachers from the school joined in the work; some of them had never held a paintbrush before but they quickly adapted and enjoyed learning their new skill.

During the trip the group visited some of the Bible Christian Faith Churches in Kitale, Makutano, Siyoi, Kacheliba, Ortum, Karenger and Bendera. Some of these works were in remote locations but the journey was worthwhile as it proved a blessing to fellowship with God’s people.

Thanks must be recorded to those who supported the trip not only prayerfully but also practically, including those who supplied tools and equipment which greatly assisted the project. Click here to view more photos of the trip.

Pray that all involved in the work in Kenya will be encouraged and strengthened by our visit, and that the Lord will use the efforts of the group to His glory.
It has been a pretty busy summer with numerous visits to Dublin for open air preaching and to the Knock Shrine for literature evangelism. Despite carefully laid plans, I didn’t make it to Galway this year during the horse racing week, as I was required to stand in as the emergency evangelist in Bethel FPC due to a bereavement.

I enjoyed the opportunity to witness at the Ploughing Championships, despite Storm Ali’s interruptions. A new, if ultimately temporary, opportunity has arisen to take the school assembly once a month in Aughnacloy Primary School.

Thank you again for your prayers and ongoing support.
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