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Kilkeel Free Presbyterian Church
I had the privilege of being brought up in a Christian home, but I rebelled against the Word of God and believed that the world could give me the satisfaction I was looking for. In my youth, I was only interested in having a motor-bike and freedom to enjoy it. However through God’s Providence, I came into contact with the Park family who lived in Craigavon and the happiness and peace witnessed in that home had a lasting effect on me. They also witnessed to me, and I realized that if I had died in any of the accidents I had with the motorbike, I would have been eternally lost. At the end of December 1976, I cried unto the Lord to save me, and a real joy came into my heart.

I was a carpenter by trade, and I went to Kenya to help out with carpentry work on a mission station hospital, but I never imagined that one day I would be on the mission field myself. I never liked school, so when the opening of the Whitefield College of the Bible was announced, it never entered my head that I would eventually be a student there. The Lord began to work in my heart, however, and I eventually submitted to His will and entered my studies in Cyprus Avenue in Belfast.

After college, I had no idea where the Lord would have me labour, but I was willing to do whatever He wanted, After hearing Rev John Hanna speak on the work in Spain, and after much soul searching and leading from God’s precious Word, my wife Heather and I left for Spain in September 1986. For the first three years we lived in Fuenlabrada, 8 kms from Mostoles where the Hannas lived. During our time of language study, we helped out with the young people´s work and eventually preached once a month. We also travelled some 200 miles south to the small town of Beas de Segura in Jaén, where I also had the opportunity of bringing God´s Word to the folk in the small Spanish church there.

When the pastor Juan Bascuñana of the church invited me to go and work there, the Lord spoke to me through Acts 8:26 “Arise and go toward the south” and gave me peace through the vision that Paul had of the man from Macedonia. Juan Bascuñana moved to Mallorca just two weeks after we went down to Beas. The Lord was good and the folk were faithful and have stood with us over these past twenty four years.

Originally, the church met in an old house in Beas de Segura but after a few years it was decided to sell it and buy something more suitable. Eventually a site was purchased in Cortijos Nuevos, a town some 15 miles away from us, but much more central for the congregation who were scattered throughout the mountain villages. With the help of the Lord and the generosity of God's people, a church was built for the glory of God. Not only that, since our folk here were so generous and enthusiastic in their giving, we were able to build an apartment on top of the church, where Miss Joy Gillespie from Armagh has lived for some 13 years. Joy has worked with us in the Sunday school and literature work. She has book tables in Siles, Orcera and Cortijos Nuevos while I continue with the book table in Beas de Segura. We also have radio programs from Monday to Friday on a local radio station which reaches far beyond our area.

The people are hardened Roman Catholics, many of whom are very enthusiastic in their fiestas, processions and rituals, but in reality, have little or no interest in the things of God. Please continue to pray for us and with us, that the Lord would raise up some young man to help us, and that more towns and villages that have no witness here in the land of Spain would be reached with the gospel.
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