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The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster is a worldwide Protestant Reformed denomination consisting of congregations, which accept and uphold the Articles of Faith. It is Protestant in its basis, Presbyterian in its government, Reformed in its doctrine, Evangelistic in its ministry, Fundamentalist in its stand and defence of the Historic Christian Faith and subject only to the Lord Jesus Christ as the Great King and only Head of The Church. The Word of God, as contained in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, being the only rule of faith and practice. For more information on the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, please visit the website at www.freepresbyterian.org
The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster Mission Board was created by Presbytery in March 1974 to oversee the entire process of the selection, commissioning, and support of the denomination’s missionaries. It is made up of Ministers and Elders appointed by Presbytery and three members from the Missionary Council.

This step was taken by the church because of the pressing need to send our missionaries from our own church and not under ecumenical and compromised interdenominational missionary societies. There were clear indications that many of the missionary societies were opening their fellowship to Charismatic influences and practises.

There was another pressing reason for creating such a board. As Bible-believing Presbyterians we believe that the doctrine, government, and the stand of the Free Presbyterian Church-and especially its evangelistic, Christ-centred grasp of the Reformed faith-should be reproduced in the churches our missionaries pioneer. The idea of their going forth to establish interdenominational independent, or congregational churches, whose doctrinal basis is far from the one to which we subscribe in the Westminster Confession of Faith, was not what we stood for at home.
The Missionary Council was set up in 1962 when a member of the Ravenhill church, Miss Valerie Shaw, a full-time missionary to the Jews, had the vision to suggest the formation of a council which would represent all congregations and promote missionary awareness across the denomination.

Today, the Missionary Council is subject to Presbytery through the Mission Board and so there are close links between the three bodies. The Chairman of the Missionary Council is appointed by Presbytery and is also granted membership of the Mission Board. In turn, the Missionary Council appoints two of its members to the Mission Board.

The Council consists of two representatives of each affiliated congregation who meet on a regular basis around the local churches. The intention is that the representatives should go back to their local congregations and give an update on the various mission works and needs.

Finances are raised by monthly offerings from the churches; however the purpose of the Missionary Council goes beyond financial support, in creating a vision for missionary work through the organisation of special missionary meetings, prayer meetings and missionary weekends.
In 2005 when the Free Presbyterian Church of North America was formed it was agreed that in the field of missionary endeavour that the two Presbyteries would seek to work in the closest cooperation.

It was envisaged that the two Mission Boards representing the Church in North America and the United Kingdom would examine possible areas of shared fields of labour and the appointment, oversight and governance of personnel.

This vision was soon to be realised when Miss Kathy Walker was recommended by the Mission Board in North America to the Mission Board in N Ireland for the work in Kenya, where for many years we have had missionaries labouring in the Bible Christian Faith Church. Miss Walker was accepted for the work which she felt called to in Kenya by the Mission Board in N Ireland.

A special arrangement was put in place whereby the Church in North America and the Mission Board in N Ireland would share the responsibility to cover her costs and oversight. Thus Kathy was seconded to work under the Mission Board in Kenya from the Mission Board in North America. This unique arrangement has been to the mutual advantage of both Boards and to the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom through Kathy being enabled to fulfil her God given calling in Kenya.

The direction of personal changed when Miss Joanne Greer was recommended by the Mission Board in N Ireland for the work of the new Free Presbyterian Mission Church in Liberia. Both Mission Boards laboured together to see that Miss Greer was settled into the work in Liberia where she has laboured under the direction of the North American Mission Board since 2012.

We hope in the years to come that similar arrangements will facilitate the strengthening of our missionary labours, and that as we continue to work together that the cause of the Gospel will be advanced on the world’s great mission fields.

Further Information is available at the Free Presbyterian Church of North America website
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